It's ON Brah!

This is the place for discussion and voting on various aspects of werewolf life, social ideas, physical appearance, etc. Also a place to vote on how a werewolf should look.
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Re: It's ON Brah!

Post by Morkulv »

I'm glad to see you stuck with Freeborn, Anthony. I don't have any money to spent, but as an artist, and somebody who goes to art college, I could always help you out in that area if necessary. Just let me know.
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Re: It's ON Brah!

Post by Sebiale »

This is a pleasant surprise to return to. :D
We do not stop being children when we learn of death, we stop being children when we make peace with it.

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Re: It's ON Brah!

Post by Wyatt_Moonbeam »

Can't wait, welcome back Freeborn!

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Re: It's ON Brah!

Post by demonwithin »

:D yay!!
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Re: It's ON Brah!

Post by SheWolf-94 »

Hi.. um im a bit confused here but hey it sounds good. and congrats to FreeBorn hwlwnk
If i was here yesterday, and left today, and was never to return tomorrow or the days to follow; would anyone care?
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this was my senior quote, thought i'd share it and hope you like it...

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Re: It's ON Brah!

Post by SeaWolf »

It's ON! It lives and breathes and it's coming soon. :wagtail:

Nah. Not living or breathing. Consider it now dead and buried. It was a nice idea but never anything more than that. Freeborn is dead.
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Re: It's ON Brah!

Post by Gemwolfblood »

is anyone on here an actual werewolf? i am and i need help

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