Something about the psychology of ancient werewolves

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Something about the psychology of ancient werewolves

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So I had a conversation with a lovely young lady a few days ago:

"Now I don't profess to be a psychologist, but I keep thinking... an ancient werewolf, who lived for so long even to the present day, who's probably seen so much of the world, that all the suffering, all the death, all the wars they've seen, experienced or participated in must be really having hell to live. For all the grace, maturity and wisdom an ancient would flaunt by day, you'd think they'd also be very depressed or distressed at night. What if they actually sought counseling, to the point where their life perspective shifts in favor of entrusting humans and younger pups with the future, everytime the ancients are too paralyzed by fear or despair of the consequences of their actions? Not just werewolves, either; I noticed that I have a peculiar interest in the image of the young consoling the old, be it for laughs, or for emotional heart-tugging moments."

And she replied:

"That would be cute! My own werewolves live normal lifespans, but I suppose once someone ages that much they either hit one of two extremes - losing themselves or becoming invested in bettering the world"

It also got me thinking, what if there's a phenomenon where centuries-old figures would, like, "reset" their lives once every century or a half? Like if not because they forget their past lives, then for the sake of "cleaning" their mental health.

Food for thought; leaving this here.

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