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Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 3:31 am
by Leonca~
An interesting thought that came to me earlier today- what would happen if the version of werewolves you have designed for yourself were to encounter a completely different creature that could still be called a “werewolf?” In my werewolf story there aren’t a whole lot of other similar creatures for them to compete with, just the occasional werefeline. I don’t like vampires very much so I didn’t add them into the mix.

After reading many books, watching many movies, and hearing about what people have come up with here I have come to the conclusion that my guys are pretty wimpy. :P No regenerative powers, no turning into a big monster with the strength of ten men, just the ability to change themselves into slightly stronger and faster versions of ordinary animals.

If they were to meet, oh, I guess I’ll use the werewolves from Underworld as an example, I think they would be almost as terrified as your average human. The average wolf of my variety would probably go out of his way to avoid crossing paths with something like that, and it would be similar to how many species of predatory animals can coexist in the same environment if the smaller ones avoid the larger ones. On the other hand some might see it as a challenge. My main villain character Sombra likes to set up tests for himself just to see if he can do stuff, so he would probably look at a bigger, stronger kind of werewolf as a challenge to see how many of them he could kill. :lol: On the larger scale of things, it would get more interesting if you start thinking about how whole packs might interact.

The dominant pack in my version often takes a very human approach to problems- recognize if someone is going to be a threat and try to take them out in a pre-emptive strike. Though they can be said to be essentially “good people,” they are usually very paranoid about anything that threatens to reveal their existence to humankind and can be selfish when it comes to guaranteeing their own survival. They never try to eliminate humans because they know humankind outnumbers them so greatly that it is a battle they could never win, but I could see them trying to wipe out a different kind of werewolf if it was viewed to be dangerous. Any kind that can not control itself when it is forced to shift would risk getting the humans to be interested enough that they might eventually find out about other, less dangerous kinds.

I could see the authorities in my pack organizing the Hunters (sort of combined policemen/assassins who are used to control werewolves who behave dangerously and risk exposing everyone to the humans) to gather information about the other group, and planning to eliminate them if they decide they are dangerous. If the other guys were a lot bigger and stronger they would go after them with human weapons (silver or whatever their vulnerability would happen to be) rather than try to take them on in wolf form.

They would have a big advantage if the other werewolves were the kind that only changed during the full moon and had to stay human the rest of the time. With their senses being heightened even while human and being able to shift at will my kind would probably be able to sniff those guys out and eliminate them while they are stuck in human form.

And then of course there would be the chance of an alliance between packs, if ideals could be made to match closely enough. There might also be the added drama of the pack having to answer to “civilian” wolves who have less power than the pack leaders, if they think that the leaders are being too harsh or too easy on the other werewolves. I’ve always had more fun with speculating about the interactions and struggles between the werewolves themselves than between them and outside parties like humans. My packs are often full of drama and leaders who disagree with what the Average Joe wolf might want to do. If the leaders wanted to attack the other guys and the rest of the pack wanted to leave them alone or try to befriend them it could be the makings of some major internal struggles.

Wow, that was long. It would be interesting to see if anyone else has thought of what would happen in this scenario. :)

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:30 am
by Berserker
My world has a similar scenario. There are two kinds of werewolves: those who kept their human sentience after they transformed, and those who turned into roving, bloodthirsty monsters. The "good" were-animals are just as frightened of the monsters as the humans are; even though the ravenous ones can be fought off with relative ease, they stop at nothing to get to their prey, and they have a fairly disturbing demeanor. Think the zombies from 28 Days Later.

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 8:28 am
by Vagrant

Well, I use a certain type of Werewolf, one that Midnight does too apparently, it was fun talking with him about that last night. As some of you may know, my weres are based upon a piconstruct swarm (nanotech) which generally reprograms their bodies and rebuilds them, as is necessary.

Akin to genetics though, the virus draws on dreams. The kind of were the person is depends quite entirely one the types of Werewolf dream they have. Is their Werewolf strong? If so, they end up strong in their were-form. It only utilises the most deeply important elements though, so Godlike Werewolves don't happen, but there are a lot of amazingly varied Werewolves out there.

If a person is an athletic runner, they may end up with a very streamlined form, if they're a Doctor or a Vet, they may end up with healing powers, and so on.

Every now and then, they might meet a radically different Werewolf (or other were-critter) who's so different because they have such radically strange dreams...

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:55 pm
by Leonca~
Interesting. :)
That is so cool! I love the idea of using dreams. :D I dream about being a werewolf all the time, and it usually seems to follow some of the common stereotypes. I’m either changed into normal wolf form and not dangerous like my own characters, or one of the big monstery kinds that kills people. I actually had a dream about ripping someone’s head off a few weeks ago. Scary. Sounds like the first version is what would be used for me, since those dreams are more common and I like them a lot more.

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Sat Jan 03, 2009 2:58 pm
by Celestialwolf
Interesting question! If there were different types of werewolves, I guess each type would just have to get along. Now, if everyone who wanted to become one all of a sudden got their wish granted to become a werewolf on their own terms, I know we all have differing opinions on things regardless of the points we agree on. Myself for example; I prefer a werewolf a lot like this one:

No adornments/clothing, pretty strong, tall, looks a lot like a natural wolf, can shift whenever into any of the three forms, can regenerate limbs and heal extremely rapidly, etc.

The next guy might prefer a werewolf that can only change during the full moon and looses it's mind in the process. Others might prefer something different still. Who's to decide how all werewolves should be for everyone? I say it would be interesting to see all the differences and still band together as a pack anyway.

(If anyone's thinking of the wiki after I say this, don't forget that it exists to organize what we've come up with as a pack, not to define the only way they can be.)

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Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Sat Jan 03, 2009 4:30 pm
by Leonca~
Yeah, Goldenwolf’s art has always been very inspirational. Very good at giving you an idea of how the anatomy would work when switching a quadrupedal animal into bipedal form. :)

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Sat Jan 03, 2009 10:14 pm
by RedEye
My version meeting other versions? Heh-heh-heh... :evil:

The friendly ones would head for Wolf Bend, where they could be themselves and not attract bullets and silver. The beer's good there, too. :drunx:
The hostile ones? Did I mention that the Warrior can literally incinerate concrete with his anger? :supermad:

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2009 12:28 am
by Vuldari
My own Pending story ( "Oscar County" ... formerly "Pack Mental(ity)" ) covers that to some extent actually.

There are two distinct kinds of "Werewolf" in that world ... and neither of them are favorable things to be. My story follows my own mindset ... if it's called a Werewolf, then it's a kind of MONSTER. If it's not a Monster ... it's not a Werewolf. That does not mean that there are not other kinds of shapeshifters though, which may take on various forms, including that of a Wolf.

I have one kind of Lycanthropy that is a full blown EVIL magical Curse, and another that feels like a curse to it's hosts, but actually behaves more like a disease (but with some physical benefits). There is far too much to explain about both of them. However, essentially, when a Biological Werewolf meets a Cursed one, they are generally as freaked out as a normal human would be about them (and for good reason) ... however, biological Lycanthropy has a curious side effect of being dominant over the curse. So, a Biological Werewolf is naturally resistant, though not totally immune to the Curse (if bitten), and if a Biological Werewolf bites a Cursed one, it will dull their curse, but at the expense of having to deal with the Disease form of it indefinitely. The Curse is liftable (though extremely difficult), but the biological form is harder to remove from the body than the most stubborn viruses known to man (like HIV), and thus effectively incurable.

On the other hand, I also have Kitsunes, and Native American style Animal spirits, which can take human or animal form at will. The Kitsune prefers to live as humans do, while the spirits generally remain unseen, or appear as Animals if they present themselves at all, but can appear as humans if they wish. I leave the suggestion open that it is possible for humans and other creatures to gain metamorphic abilities in different ways, which would be shown later on in the story/series [if I ever write/draw it] but it is not really a focus.

Now ... if one of the Cursed Werewolves from my story (whom are quite insane ... as if one has the curse, and still has any sanity left, they generally kill themselves to protect those they care about, or just to put an end to it) was to meet a different kind of Werewolf that was calm, intelligent, friendly and in control, they would probably laugh at them, seeing them as blasphemous lap-dog, domesticated imitations of the Wild Hunters and mythological beasts they compare themselves to by name, and then regardless of how strong the other werewolves may be, the "GOOD" Werewolves would soon after be rendered limb from limb, and their entrails devoured, simply for the Demonic Cursed Lycanthropes personal amusement. (If it was a full moon that is. The cursed kind don't change any other time, but remain nearly immortal even in human form, excluding extreme damage like beheading or incineration.) A newly Cursed Werewolf would only be as tough as a really strong, stubborn and nasty tempered Zombie with fangs and claws ... but run into one who has learned to tap into the deeper magic behind the curse and embrace it (something that you would have to be really evil to do), such as my yet-unnamed characters "The General" [Oscar] and his "Lieutenant", you'd be pretty much screwed unless you're Superman ... or at least extremely skilled, powerful or Lucky.

If the Biological kind met these same Different Kind of Werewolves, they would probably just be really annoyed by them. ... seeing these New Guys as parading around their shapshifting ability like it was SOO GREAT ... and probably trying to tell them to "Embrace their inner Wolf"' or something like that. ... which to my guys would be total "Bull $***".

All that balance and nature stuff may be well and true for those Other Wolf-People, but for my Werewolves, the suggestion that they should be GLAD for what they have to live with is downright insulting, if only because they completely misunderstand their situation.

There is no "Control" to be had over it, any more than a person can CONTROL the Flu Virus in their bloodstream once they catch it. Once this kind of Lycanthropy gets into ones system, it just does it's thing irregardless of the will or actions of the person host to it. Who knows where it came from, or why it does what it does, but the contagion fuses itself into the persons cells and blood, and then begins to fool the body intro producing more of itself and protecting it as part of the hosts body. It also changes the way the body absorbs nutrients so certain chemicals essential to it's function and survival are stockpiled and saturate the blood until the right criteria is met to trigger it's full effect (generally a Full Moon, but Intense emotion and other extremes, including intoxication, severe injury or poisoning can also act as triggers), causing the person to change into a Full Quadrupedal Wolf through a painful and fully involuntary metamorphosis. Once it begins, there is absolutely no way to control it (no resisting, accelerating or slowing), because it is the foreign infection which is causing the change, and not their own body. It is the symbiotic infection acting independently of the host.

One could maybe learn to avoid letting their body get exited and thus temporarily avoid the change that way, through meditation ... but only for so long until the chemicals naturally build up in their bloodstream enough to just make it happen anyway. Once it starts, their is little to do but wait for it to run it's course. ... chemical intervention, such as an injection or ingestion may affect it, but such attempts would likely do more harm than good.

This metamorphosis does not only reform the body, but also the persons brain, making it more akin to that of a feral wolf. Since a Wolf Brain is not built to process human thoughts, they become understandably confused, bewildered, and even overwhelmed by the complex human memories they just can't understand any more. On the flip side, the basic primal impulses they feel are far easier to understand and deal with. "Eat", "Sleep", "Defend", "Friend", "Family", "Foe", "Food" ... they may technically remember who they are, but not what most of their memories mean. The easiest way to explain it would be that, once transformed, they have about as much sense of what's going on, as well as plain common sense, as they would if they were extremely drunk, or high. In that state, they are quite likely to act on impulse first, long before their brain catches up and asks if that was really such a good idea.

It is merely an impossibly convenient twist of fate that the foreign infection that does this to them does the same thing again in reverse after a period of time passes. Again, the host has no control over when they change, or when they change back. Since the amount of time they stay transformed may vary, they would understandably develop a fear that sooner or later they may change and never change back (though it's never been known to actually happen).

Overall, the person has little reason or will to feel any BOND with their Lupine transformations, as to them it really feels like someone playing a cruel trick on them ... a disease so improbable it almost appears the concoction of a mad scientist with a cruel sense of humor, forcing them to go dumb and feral at the most inconvenient of times, and then giving back their human forms and intelligence to reflect on what they had just done ... not to mention the pain they suffer each time they change and change back. Being able to fully heal almost any flesh wound instantly during a transformation is little consolation, and it's hard to 'Appreciate' the ability to exist in Wolf form (something a normal human can not do), when you are too dumb, frightened and confused in that form to really know what's going on until after you change back.

So ... if "Werewolf People" were to meet with one of my stories Werewolves, even the mentally balanced and generally kind ones, they would most likely just chew out the "Werewolf People" for even suggesting that they try to EMBRACE their disease, which does nothing more than complicate and ruin their lives, and be more than a little annoyed by them, as if showing how much control they had was just rubbing it in their faces, and adding insult to injury.

The rare few among my Biological Werewolves who have the inexplicable ability to assume a "Gestalt" like form (more commonly females for some reason), achievable only after first being forced into Wolf form would not be much, if any more sympathetic of the easy-shifting-showoffs. In spite of the fact that they have some amount of control where most do not, and that they regain much of their cognitive senses in that state, the ability to do this is generally paired with someone who is slipping deeper into, or is teetering on the edge of insanity, due to the disease. Seeing a Biological Werewolf assume this form is generally cause to run for your life, as it takes some pretty intense stimulation to coax that out of them.

They don't want to be "ONE with their Inner Wolf". ... they just want want to be rid of the disease inside of them.

That said, if they manage to maintain their sanity and not get themselves killed, they would probably identify More with those who are Suffering than anyone who is ENJOYING the ability to transform, feeling more akin to those with Cancer, or AIDS or even reluctant Vampires than with the Animals they are forced to assume the form of against their will, or with other shapeshifters of any kind. (generally speaking of course. If they are reasonable people, they will not be insufferably biased against potential friends over that ... though it would make friendship awkward to say the least)

In review:

My CURSED Werewolves + "Werewolf People" = "Care to Join me for Dinner?" :evillaugh: :biteme:

My characters with the Lycanthropy DISEASE + "Werewolf People" = "Oh, #*** You ... I've got your 'Inner-Wolf' right here" *Flips them the Bird*

[[ EDIT: BTW, No such "Werewolf People" characters would be in the story ... though some characters may make comments about the concept, and their feelings about it. I just felt like clarifying that. ]]

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2009 2:41 am
by Leonca~
Wow, that sounds like a very nasty curse! :shudder:
Makes me think of all those old Superman cartoons I used to watch as a kid. Superman vs. an indestructible cursed werewolf would have been pretty awesome. :lol:

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2009 4:47 am
by vrikasatma
Interesting scenario...

Okay, here's the what-fors and whereases of the Vrika, the Wolf Pashunara...

The whole Pashunara race — all bloodlines — aren't immortal but they continually rejuvenate.

They have seven Ages that they progress through: Cub, Hunter, Brother/Sister, Mother/Father, Teacher, Angel, Marut Symbiont (if they're supremely lucky).

Elemental Fire drives the shapeshifting engine and takes seven forms: Smoke, Earth Fire, Spirit Fire, Hearth Fire, Lightning, Body Heat and Explosive Fire. I depends on the conditions of their first change as well as personality type and the emotions they were experiencing when they changed. A bite has nothing to do with it and genetics/upbringing are only a polite suggestion; it's largely phenomenological.

They do not get along with the Moon. The Moon God is antithetical to the Pashunara. This is because the Moon God and Shiva, the Pashunara's God, fought in the time of Legend and the Pashunara fought on Shiva's side. Everyone and everything else in the world, including most of the Gods, fought on the Moon God's side. The Moon God cursed the Pashunara with silver; contact with it causes their Passion (Ragas) to surge. Their life force, Prema, takes a hit in the process. Everytime a Pashunara rages out under influence of silver, a little bit of their soul goes away forever. If it happens enough times, they turn into a ravening beast, like Okotonushi and Nago did.

The other part of the Curse is that whatever on the planet's face that the Moon "sees," the Moon God sees; and if He sees a Pashunara, He commands His army to attack and destroy the Pashunara. So here, we have the archetypal "beast lurking in the shadows" image.

Shiva forced the Moon God to put a "sunset clause" on the Curse, and He said, "Okay. When the Sun shines on all the Pashunara together, I will lift the Curse." Well, being the Moon God, He was speaking metaphorically, so it's a little more complicated than just getting all the Pashunara in the world together in one place one sunny afternoon. What He meant was that if there were ever to be a Pashunara that has all of the bloodlines in its heritage, the Sun God Surya would be that Pashunara's Sacred Fire and his being would be known as the Barong (which means "united"). The Pashunara are trying to breed up the Barong to make this prophesy come about.

There are, however, a few holdouts that aren't buying in. The Vrika are one such bloodline. By and large, they stick to each other and don't mate with any of the other bloodlines, because they like their autonomy and want to maintain it. There are a few convergences; you sometimes see winged wolves, antlered wolves, sea-wolves, wolf-gryphons, wolfish dragons, but in the main, it's Vrika-to-Vrika pairings.

The sword cuts both ways, as well. The Vrika aren't exactly popular amongst the other bloodlines. The Khuranga (deer) and Sarpa (snakes) understand and honour them (and it goes both ways), the Mona (raven) and Navagatih (Orca) love them and the three bloodlines consider each other family, the Ashva tolerate them conditionally, and that's pretty much it. Wolves are not well-liked in the Indus; no God has a wolf vehicle, and "Vrika" can mean "wolf," "demon" or "slaughter." The Vrika, with their ruggedly independent zeitgeist, don't bother themselves to fix that.

All Pashunara have what's called Arts. Shiva grants three: one natural, one artificial, and one sensual. The Vrika's Sensual Art is Sound: they hear supernally well and can figure out a language if they hear enough of it. They're also very, very good at mimicry. Their Artifice Art is astrology/astronomy: they know the night sky better than anyone else, because the first Vrika pledged herself to call alarum whenever the Moon was rising (howl at the moon — it's not a serenade, it's a warning). Their Natural Art is Blood: they have power over blood, causing it to boil over or curdle with a glance. So one Art is commendable (map the heavens), one is mischievous (the mimicry), and one is malign (blood curdling).

It should go noted that Hindus consider body fluids — other than milk — to be abhorrent and so something that magickally manipulates and is spiritually connected to blood is particularly disgusting.

So basically, the Vrika are ruggedly independent rogues that can't be damaged by fire and indeed take power from it; they could be hundreds of years old; they can imitate a friend or loved one's voice (and form, if the Vrika in question is a high-Age Body Heat and has had a chance to study that person), who know exactly when the Moon will be in the sky at any given moment and thus aren't particularly worried about it. And they tend to run in groups. Not the most trustworthy type, neh? Oh, and naturally...they scrap with the best of 'em, especially when they're packed up. When the Vrika pop claws and go to town, they leave hectacombs in their wake.

Their gestalt form, the Ugraruupa ("Fierce Form") leans more towards wickedly roguish as opposed to savage. Like all Pashunara, they are Shiva's children and thus are on our side, but they're still uncomfortable company.

That's the bad side. The good news is, Vrika are very compassionate towards children, and if a Vrika calls you "friend" you couldn't ask for a better, more capable, more loyal companion. He won't follow you through the gates of Hell, he'll grab you by the scruff and pull you back from it. The males will do anything for the women in their lives, whether she approached him or he seduced her.

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2009 8:20 am
by Vagrant
I'm particularly tickled by RedEye's response, and I know that my weres would go with the first option, most of them are fairly personable and they do love an excuse to get "wild" (in the best possible way), and that seems as good an excuse as any.

This reminds me that Wingman is working on a bit of art that would represent anyone interested as part of a sort of Werewolf preserve. It would also be interesting to see the lot of our more amicable weres gather at a bar in an art piece or a short comic, for beers or the particular beverages of choice.

Shenanigans would certainly ensue.

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2009 5:21 pm
by Leonca~
Very interesting to hear more about that, vrikasatma. :)

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2009 6:35 pm
by Bloodyredbaron

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2009 7:32 pm
by Vuldari
The Curse is just plain EVIL. ... the idea behind it was to be a punishment for people who are exceptionally wicked. It forces them to kill absolutely everyone whom they care about, starting with whomever they love most and working down from there until their whole world crumbles around them. It makes them hard enough to kill that they are pretty much guaranteed to take a few victims before they are eventually vanquished ... however, it was the intention of the curse that they would be killed eventually once everyone gangs up on the Monster, "Seeing them for what they really are" as it were.

However, the one who created the curse had not considered what would happen if the "Cursed" succeeded in killing EVERYONE that mattered to them, or if they were evil enough to not care. Essentially, in this case, the person is left with a powerful bloodlust, but no target to aim it at ... allowing them to choose their targets at will. This makes them extremely powerful (especially during full moons when the change happens), but also disallows them from ever developing relationships with anyone, be it love, friendship, or even allies.

They (the "Cursed") are also able to pass on the curse to others by bite and (though it was not supposed to be possible), heritage. Bitten receive less powerful versions of the curse which are less intense, but also makes them inclined to be loyal to the one who bit them, assisting in whichever hunt he/she is on next. The curse on the bitten is lifted when the Original Werewolf is killed, but the only way to remove the curse from one who has received the curse directly is to apply the exact counter-curse (which only the caster would know, and is harder than the curse itself to cast), to KILL the person, or to exorcise all of the dark magic from them entirely ... which is even harder to do than the counter-curse (but is the only other option to death if it is not known).

The crazy thing about the character in my story known as "The General" or "The Spaniard" (and at one time "Oscar") is that he's both extremely smart, and has been more than a little twisted. Not only did he find a loop hole in the Curse, but he took advantage of the immortality it granted him to live for hundreds of years, while he learned about all sorts of things, from magic to science to various forms of martial arts, to money and politics. He learned how to tap into the dark power infused in his body to do things the curse wasn't originally designed to do, while he built up a political empire while in Human Form in-between, also learning other powers that he could use in human form as well, most unrelated to his Curse, but tapping into the same dark well of energy. By the Current day, the fact that he is a Werewolf is almost insignificant to what he can do as an immortal human any time he wants. A "Werewolf" is not who he is, but merely what helped to make him what he is today ... REALLY SCARY. The weird thing is ... he's been Evil and insane for so long, he's essentially grown tired of it, and doesn't seem that evil and twisted anymore if you spoke to him when he's in a good or neutral mood. He's the kind of antagonist that makes you question the difference between right and wrong.

He actually found one way have friends he cares about and not kill them. If he turns them before the next full moon, they are able to sidestep the curse and survive his wrath ... as his minions. He actually took a few wives and even bore children this way, but that's a long and tragic story that I won't cover here. His only other friend he unexpectedly sidestepped by hating him as much as he values him, as his simultaneous Bitter RIVAL and Best Friend (the only other person in the world/universe whom he views as his EQUAL, "The Frenchman")

His "Lieutenant" is one other such person. He's technically well educated, but he's more about blind powerlust than anything else, rarely thinking his actions through as far as he should. The General turned him and taught him some of his most powerful curse-bending tricks, and even granted him wealth and political power in exchange for his loyalty. The General actually sees the man as the lowest scum on earth, loathing his personality with a passion, and takes advantage of that. The man, who would do ANYTHING for power, willfully accepted the curse and does most of The Generals dirty work. Unlike the General, the "Lieutenant" is obsessed with the whole "Wolf Mystique", and actually uses his influence over his curse to change into a Demonic Wolf-Beast more often, (which the General could do too if he wanted, but doesn't). Technically speaking, the Lieutenant is the real "Big Bad Wolf" of my story, showing up as a Supervillain type character on occasion, causing havoc. He can bite people too ... but the effect is limited, and mostly just makes people go crazy for a short time, like really strong, fanged and clawed zombies who will obey his commands unless they have very strong will, but it wears off eventually if they get far enough away for long enough.

The General is almost pointless to even mention in most discussions of power, as by the end of the story (after the curse is lifted from him and he's not a Werewolf anymore), his power equals that of a GOD (as does that of his Rival, "The Frenchman", which is the final plot point of my story ... "Should ANYONE ever possess that much power?").

None of that is relevant to this thread, which is why I made it small and grayed it out.

... though Superman (or the Superhero of your choice) VS. "The Lieutenant" (he will have a name eventually, I just haven't decided yet) would be pretty awesome to watch.

The 'Biological' Werewolf characters in my story are pretty much all neutral/good guys, but their lycanthropy is more of a burden than a benefit in all but a few situations. None of them would be much of a challenge to any superhero, except for the risk of being bitten.

Only the strongest of them would stand a chance or surviving against any of the 10-foot tall, muscular SuperGestalts in many others stories here, as most just change into normal sized, normal strengthed quadrupedal wolves, and even the rare Gestalts are not that much stronger than they are as humans. (with the potential for exceptions, of course)

... to NORMAL people though, they are quite frightening and dangerous.

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Fri Jan 09, 2009 9:47 am
by Terastas
Well, I have two stories with werewolves in the works at this point. One of them, The Noctem, takes place in a post-apocalyptic zombie world where werewolves and their allies all have a very simple motto: "The living look out for each other." If they made contact with any other different kind of werewolf, their natural instinct would be diplomacy: any variations of the shape of their wereform or conditions of their shifting would be overlooked in the name of fighting the undead hordes.

In this case, if a werewolf variation was too evil / savage to be reasoned with, all they'd do is leave them alone. . . To fight the zombie legions by themselves.

I also have the modern-day American setting in Happy Hamster Land (a working title). They try to demonstrate tolerance, both for other "monsters" (vampires being the only one they've made contact with thus far) and other werekin, but because of that ripple effect in the masses I keep alluding to, where the exposure of one could trigger a witch hunt that will wipe out all, they're a lot slower to place their trust in someone, and a lot quicker to write someone off. They try to work with vampires and other werekin as best they can because exposure would have the same consequences for them too, but both sides consider the other to be a greater risk of exposure (vampires because they require blood, werewolves because there's no mistaking one in its gestalt form), so even among like-minded individuals, it's a grudging respect at best.

I have one example thus far where an alternative werewolf is encountered: they welcome someone into the pack and only later discover that she is actually a werecat. They're completely beside themselves on what to do with her: they don't know if the werecat viroid is a mutation of lycanthropy, a variation of lycanthropy, or some new viroid entirely. It makes them wary of trusting her, even despite the fact that, beyond her species, she's actually been a model werewolf up to this point.

If the HHL werewolves encountered another variation of werewolf, they'd also try to ration that they have the same problems and try to form some mutual partnership based on their shared agendas, but they'd watch the newcomer like a hawk to make sure they know everything that could possibly go wrong. In the case of a savage/evil werewolf, however, they probably wouldn't even recognize them as an alternative variation and just kill them outright. Lycanthropy doesn't directly affect the brain in my writing, but it's not uncommon for a newcomer to develop their own mental fallacies as a result of lycanthropy. One possible outcome is something werewolves refer to as "Hollywood Syndrome," which is when a werewolf believes something untrue of werewolves so adamantly that, upon becoming a werewolf, they develop compulsions, phobias etc. that encourage their misinformed beliefs. My own version of lycanthropy does not give werewolves an automatic thirst for blood, but if someone was absolutely convinced that werewolves are bloodthirsty animals, they'll develop a thirst when they shift.

So if one of my werewolves ran into a savage/cursed werewolf, they'd just assume the cursed one was sick in the head and either hand him a silver dollar to see if he freaks out and has a heart attack, or just plain kill him outright.

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Fri Jan 09, 2009 2:51 pm
by Vuldari
It sounds like both kinds of werewolves in my story "Oscar County", probably would not get along with either of Terastas's werewolves.

[ CW = "Cursed Werewolf" / BW = "Biological/Viral Werewolf" ]

* CW + "The Noctem" WW's:

- In the case of some random person infected with the curse, Terastas's Werewolves would be best not to 'ally' with him/her, as becoming friends would guarantee that the CW would turn on them the next Full Moon. Killing this person would likely be the best option (but would be a morally complicated act, as the person might actually be really nice), as they would be almost as dangerous as any "Undead" anyway. A large, strong Gestalt Werewolf could kill a CW in human form fairly easily, but in their transformed Demon-Wolf state, it would likely take a Pack effort to take it down (the Curse makes them unreasonably strong). Since they are already werewolves, the danger of contracting the curse from a bite would be minimal (as other forms of Lycanthropy are dominant over the Curse), and would be nullified once the CW is killed.

"The Lieutenant" is quite plainly a corrupt and evil person, even in human form, and elimination of him ASAP would be advisable. He is the type who would likely try to command the undead hordes as his personal army (in fact ... he does something like that twice in my story ... first by accident, then on purpose). However, as mentally unbalanced and short sighted as he may be, the man is insanely dangerous, and one would be unwise to try to take him on without an army or a superhero of some kind on their side. ... casualties would be expected ...

Contact with "The General/The Spaniard [Oscar]" would be a particularly complicated issue. In all likelihood, he would not even make his lycanthropy evident, but instead would possibly find someone within the werewolf army he found to be the most manipulable, and then control the politics of the pack from within to his own ends ... possibly without his "puppet(s)" even realizing that he/she is being used. (He is very smart, and devilishly charismatic when he wants to be) He likely would not even see those werewolves as his "Kin", but merely a horde of pawns with strength and claws for him direct in whichever way most suits him and his personal goals, helping them towards victory, or leading them to intentional defeat. It would be like having the devil walking among you, pretending to be your best friend. Discovering his true intentions (whatever they may be) and confronting him would be suicide, regardless of which form one catches him in. This is a guy who would make Count Dracula flinch upon entering the room. It would not be at all unlikely to discover that [Oscar] is partly or fully responsible for the undead hordes plaguing the world to begin with.

* BW + "Noctem" WW's:

- Those with the "Lycanthropy Disease" are not warriors, and probably would have no interest in "Fighting the undead hordes" or anything of the sort, nor would they be very warm to anyone who views their lycanthropy as part of WHO they are. Just ask anyone with Cancer or AIDS or Leprosy ... there is nothing more insulting and depressing than being seen AS the disease, rather than as Human Beings. They see themselves as simple people with a particularly cruel and disturbing illness, and not as 'Half-Man, Half-Wolf' (the Wolf is an infection, not another side of them), and would prefer to be classified as regular humans and not Werewolves, even though they recognize that is what they have become ... but like any sick person, hope for a CURE someday.

To pick out a certain character in particular, the Alpha Father (Most of my characters are just 'Roles' right now, as I've not chosen names for them yet), who is a Farmer, and the son of the towns Mayor, is probably the strongest willed BW in my story, and would not be the type to run and hide from monsters (like the undead) without a fight. However, he would not do it in Wolf Form (even though he is the only male caracter in my story capable of assuming a 'Gestalt' form), but as a Human, when he can control and trust himself. He would likely wield a Rifle, Shotgun, or maybe something heavy and blunt like a sledgehammer (assuming they would be of some use against the undead). He is not trained in martial arts, but he's no stranger to a good fist-fight either and can hold his own.

If approached by the "Noctem" Werewolf pack, they would likely be at first accepted with common Midwestern farmer good faith as friends (but not "Kin"), but if they overstayed their welcome, tried to turn him and his family (Wife and one living child [both with Lycanthropy] and his Father [who technically is not a Werewolf, though he carries it from a bite ... long story]) into warriors, or even attempted to get them to 'embrace' the Wolf inside of them, the "Noctem" pack would likely be bitterly escorted out of his front door ... by the muzzle of a shotgun if necessary. The Farmers Wife has the "Curse" hereditarily, and thus passed it on to her Husband and child. Though it is severely diluted due to her being a third generation of the curse, and further so by the BW Lycanthropy overriding it, they all still have a spark of darkness inside of them tied to the wolf, which they have spent their entire lives learning how to resist (with mixed success). The very IDEA of trying to will out the Wolf on purpose is sheer insanity to them. Embracing the beast would mean loosing themselves to it, and to the darkness.

* BW + "HHL" WW's:

- The Situation would be similar. The BW's don't see themselves as Werewolves, but diseased Humans. The Alphas family would be likely acceptable to the HHL Werewolves, as they not only live in a very remote area (intentionally), but have become very good at keeping their problems a secret, even keeping a few Wolfish pet dogs around the farm to use as an excuse for the howling and running around they do on full moons. However, though they would extend a generic warm hand of neighborly friendship to the Pack, they would show no interest in becoming a part of it, or allied with it, or even associated with it in any way as "Fellow Werewolves". All they want is to be given the opportunity to live as close to a Normal life as can be managed with their Lycanthropy, and would rip it out of themselves in a heartbeat if they could. They have nothing against Wolves ... they just don't want to BE one. ... especially since it sometimes happens at the worst possible times, and they almost always do something really stupid or destructive (to people, things, and their lives in general) before changing back again. Being contagious doesn't make things any easier.

* CW + "HHL" WW's:

- The "Cursed" would be the nightmare of any of the "Monsters" who are trying to remain unknown and un-bothered. It is not only certifiably evil, but it's dramatic and attention grabbing, and would surely bring the world to arms if ever made public. Even in my own story, the curse is extremely rare, which is why it has remained myth. No one has 'Cast' the Curse upon anyone for hundreds of years, as they learned long ago that it was just a bad idea, and all known Cursed were swiftly eliminated long ago. Random Cursed (likely due to bite from "The Lieutenant") would be a "Kill on Sight" matter, as they would be too dangerous to be allowed to live. [Such people would be "Curable", but it would take someone powerful who knows what they are doing, and any delay would likely result in many innocent deaths while attempting to save the ONE who is cursed]

The Lieutenant himself acts like a certifiable supervillain, and regardless of whether you are a 'Supernatural' trying to keep your kind secret, or just someone who cares about peace and justice, elimination of him ASAP would be preferred ... but such is far easier said than done, and an epic battle with him would surely draw much unwanted attention.

The General [Oscar] is, as always, a much more complicated matter. He actually supports keeping supernatural forces and beings a secret, and is so good at it in fact that most whom work most closely with him (a very small number of people) have no idea he has the Lycanthropy Curse himself. He has plenty of 'connections' which he utilizes to clean up the occasional messes his GOON, "The Lieutenant" (whom thinks he is the second in command, but really isn't) makes ... frequently involving the convenient silencing of any and all witnesses involved ... regardless of how many people that may be. Werewolves, Vampires, and whatever else roams the world would likely find that the General is actually one of their most generous, anonymous beneficiaries whom they could thank for just about anything that mysteriously turned in their favor when all seemed to about to go wrong ... which would make them understandably grateful for his far reaching political power ... but they might also find that some very dirty deeds were involved in making that happen ... which makes ones opinion of him conflicted to say the least. For good or for evil, he is a force of nature whom one would have to be insane to oppose directly. ... not only in terms of influence, but also raw (magical) power and centuries of skill and refined strength at his disposal.

The HHL Werewolves (and the rest of the 'Supernaturals') would probably be happier not knowing the General even exists ... the way he prefers it.

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Fri Jan 09, 2009 3:10 pm
by Vuldari
I really like this thread. The "What If" scenario really gets my juices flowing. Image

While my interest in metamorphosis in general is personal fantasy related, my interest in "Werewolves" specifically has always been from the standpoint of a Story Teller.

I can not claim to be particularly good at it ... but I just love dreaming up a new story.

For once, this is a "What If" scenario I have plenty of ideas about. (Plus, it gives me an excuse to unload many of the ideas and characters I've already dreamed up, and have been itching to share)

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Fri Jan 09, 2009 4:30 pm
by Leonca~
Hoards of zombies sound like they would be scarier than werewolves in most cases. I’ve often wondered what kind of stories you could tell if you mixed werewolves with other monsters like that. I watched 30 Days of Night yesterday, and the idea popped into my mind that it would have been interesting to throw some werewolves into a story like that, on the side of the unsuspecting citizens trying to protect themselves from the vampires (which reminded me of the zombies I’ve seen in several other movies. Scary stuff).

I like the “Happy Hamster Land” title, sounds like it could have a good story behind it.
Those werewolves sound very similar to my own, though they only have other packs and rouges to deal with instead of vampires. They have been forced to deal with werecats for a long time, so for the most part they’re used to them (the leader of the dominant pack being married to a werejaguar, for example). Some do resent them though, seeing anyone who can change into a larger, stronger animal as a potential threat.
Glad it has been able to generate some good discussion. :D

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Sat Jan 10, 2009 6:21 pm
by vrikasatma
Oh, the Vrika :lovestruck: beer and wine. The Pashunara are kind of an Indic analog to the Bacchantes, after all. They probably lean more towards red wine because of the similarity to blood.

Let's see, the boy-Vrika would be flirting with everything that listens long enough, and the girl-Vrika would be too...but stop there. The boys of course would be willing to take that extra step.

No rape scenarios. The Brothers and Sisters are anxious to start their own Pyres but they're smart enough to know that taking a mate by force pretty much guarantees a resentful mate just watching for a chance to serve up their a** on a silver platter, and Shiva takes a dim view of shenanigans like that as well. The Vrika — all Pashunara — want willing partners, so it's seduction, chemistry, or nothing. :wink:

Vrika vs. the Curse (bite)

Posted: Sat Jan 10, 2009 6:53 pm
by vrikasatma
Been doing a little thinking about that.

Say a Vrika meets a cursed werewolf. The Vrika would be initially guardedly friendly if the encounter happens near their den or temple; if it happens on neutral ground, they'd be benignly-neutral to friendly, at least until aggressed against; then it's all bets off.

Say the cursed werewolf bites the Vrika? What happens?
Depends on their Flame. A Vaishranara (Body Heat) would simply back away, turn up their internal furnace to max, steam comes out of their ears and burn away the "virus," just like they do with any other disease they catch.
A Bhairab (Firestorm) wouldn't be friendly to begin with and if attacked would go ballistic.
A Brahmagni (Spirit Fire) observes Shiva's Mandate most closely ("Protect the Sacred, Slay the Cursed"). She would sense the curse at twenty paces and try to take the cursed werewolf out, particularly if she's guarding a temple, graveyard or pilgrimage route. Heck, she'd probably know the cursed werewolf was coming a day or so ahead of time by watching the stars. She'd have plenty of time to call alarum, gather the Pyre and maybe the whole Circle, and be more than ready to kill him.
The Garhapatya (Hearth Fire) wouldn't get any particular advance notice but they're the most-centred of the Pashunara and wouldn't lose their cool. They'd do whatever it took to defend their homes, whether it be trickery, healing or cold-blooded, surgical strike-down.
Agnis (Earth Fire) would extend the hand of friendship, simply because "hey, it's another wolf." But during "that time" they'd keep a distance from their "friend." In fact, during other parts of the month, they'd be actively looking for ways to "help" i.e., cure the CW of the curse. If the CW agrees, great! If they don't and it doesn't take, or the CW attacks, the Agni would lash back with all the fury of a forest fire.
Dhuarams (Smoke) are kind of flaky. They drift as they will, quietly, without entangling relationships (they almost never establish Pyres). If they happen to encounter a CW, they just meld into the woodwork and no regrets.
Vajras (Lightning) — hard to say. Each one's unique and follows their own path. Entirely dependent on the various parameters of each given situation. Bitten? Might go with it and see where that road leads. If Shiva points at the CW and says "Kill it!" then that's what the Vajra will do, spectacularly. And everything in between.

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Sat Jan 10, 2009 7:50 pm
by MoonKit
Your wolves and mine should have coffee. Far, far away from all these crazy scary monsters.

Mine are ordinary shapeshifters...slightly bigger then normal in some cases but no faster or stronger or anything. They're reclusive and even boring sometimes. But with enough (faerie) magic in the air and enough strong emotion in the wolf...they can achieve half form, although its pretty rare. Most dont even know about half form.

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Sun Jan 11, 2009 12:26 am
by Terastas
I suppose it could represent the main character's mindset, but the story behind it is this: Cloverfield was supposed to have been a working title, but it got leaked to the press and then it stuck. I didn't want the same thing to happen to my otherwise unnamed series so I chose a an absolute joke of a working title so it could never stick like that. :P

And yeah, throw in a zombie apocalypse and you'd be surprised how easy it is to get along with your fellow man. Mind you, the werewolves in that story are not naturally social and diplomatic. It's more a result of their geography; there are ruined cities, fortresses etc. overrun with undead all over the landscape; they serve as a reminder of what happens to peoples and communities that exploit or abandon the rest of the living to their own ends. Their differences with all other still-living races have not been settled; they've just been set aside (in some cases for so long that they don't even remember why there were tensions between them in the first place). Left in a present day setting, they'd probably be just as cold and watchful as the HHL werewolves.

I'm sorry to say I got lost somewhere in Vrika's descriptions, but I imagine my HHL werewolves would do the same thing I did: pay attention and try to make the most sense of it as possible. As long as they didn't pose an above-average exposure risk, they'd be given the benefit of a doubt (because they'll want the other werewolves to give them a benefit of a doubt too, of course).

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2012 12:49 pm
by Volkodlak
good topic like we have white,black and asians there should be difrend WWs too.

my version meeting other version:
those who dont know i prefer WW that looks like lycan(underworld) with difrent attributes one you should know for topic is they are in total control of their lycan form.meeting other version it would be like meeting someone new but difrences would rise curiosity because most other WW designs have three forms my has two and difrent appearance it could end with testing who is faster and stronger. but my WWs appearance is like in movies so this meeting could end with questions like can you really run on walls and cellings.

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2013 3:03 am
by ippondropkick
This is sort of the plot of a story I'm doing. My werewolves are like...spirit empowered by whatever land they're on. Very old magic stuff. Half of the cast is werewolves who live out in a podunk town in the forest and so they manifest as very much normal looking wolves. The city wolves who come down from New York later in the story are the bigger, gestalt style. There is much tension.

Re: Your Version Meeting Other Versions?

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 4:19 am
by Volkodlak
Well i kinda got something new too write here so:

In a world i created there are two kinds Werewolfs and Lycans both are from same virus just that Lycans are mutation ore evolution of werewolfs it depends how you look at this and if they meet it would be quite intresting.Lycans existed in middle ages alongside werewolfs, but their numbers were lower than werewolfs and werewolfs kinda saw them as freaks thus driving them too extinction soo most memories about Lycans are gone just some texts and image in book were left.In modern day Lycans image from book is used in movie(Underworld), but Lycan is also created/born trough a bite and when Werewolf and Lycan meet generaly they are both scared or at least uneasy around eachother except that werewolfs with good knowlage about movies about werewolf movies have a field day.Werewolfs would besides being scared and uneasy about Lycan be worried about him couse alot of him is unknown and he could reveal existance of Werewolfs to public but in other sides they are curious couse Lycan is not like them so they want too know his capabilities.