On the Man Eater Issue

This is the place for discussion and voting on various aspects of werewolf life, social ideas, physical appearance, etc. Also a place to vote on how a werewolf should look.
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Re: On the Man Eater Issue

Post by RedEye »

There is another angle on Cannibalism that hasn't been brought up, I think.
It is not uncommon in primitive societies for victorious warriors to either eat parts of their enemies or to drink their blood; as an HONOR to the fallen one.

The idea is that although this warrior might have died at your hands, he/she was valiant, brave, a good fighter, and someone you respected that you had to kill. Eating a part of them keeps a part of their Mana alive in you; they become you, and their good parts become as your own.

It is a way to respect the fallen, and many cultures have had it happen to them historically. The same could apply to the Wulf. The Human was strong and a good fighter, so eating part of him would convey that strength to the Wulf as well as provide a light snack.
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Re: On the Man Eater Issue

Post by Wingman »

On the topic of people-eating, I submit this video. Mein Teil, by Rammstein. It's Rammstein, so consider yourself warned. I rather liked the part where Richard was fighting himself, and when Til ate the angel.

Eating someone else could also be seen as a punishment, since a know a few cultures think that bodies that have been desecrated do not get into their heaven of choice. Eating part of someone could(depending on how heavy the fantasy of the story) also literally anchor their ghost to you, so they can't pass on until you die. It even ties into some of those "eat a wolf heart and get the ability to turn into a wolf" stories out there.

Hellsing includes something similar, since vampires can use their victim's soul/ghost for various effects, which is why Alucard is is so infernally durable, since he can drain those souls/ghosts to heal himself.
The RPG system I'm working on has something very similar, since everyone has a certain amount of "lifeforce", and so if someone wants to do some really superhuman stuff they need lots of energy to fuel themselves, the easiest way to do that is to snatch someone's soul, and one of the ways of doing that is to eat part of them, or otherwise find a vessel to trap their soul inside. Otherwise the average person is only going to be able to cast 3-5 spells per day, and that depletes all of the non-vital "lifeforce" they have.
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Re: On the Man Eater Issue

Post by Avareis »

Bloodyredbaron wrote: How much of the thread did you read? If you read all of it then you must have missed a few key posts.
No, I read all of it. I just disregard anything I don't think I could ever use or being valid for creative thinking. Besides, this is all opinionated stuff and really at some point you'll find that not everyone thinks alike. ;)

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Re: On the Man Eater Issue

Post by Bloodyredbaron »

Avareis wrote: No, I read all of it. I just disregard anything I don't think I could ever use or being valid for creative thinking.
We were discussing reasons why a werewolf might attack and feed on a human being, the reasons why a werewolf wouldn't attack someone for food is a subject that's been brought up and discussed often on the site, I assumed that you had just skimmed the thread and your post was just a thinly veiled attempt to thumb your nose at the subject, without really understanding what this thread was designed to do, which was bounce around ideas on the werewolf as a human eating creature other than “well werewolves are evil”, by the way.
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Re: On the Man Eater Issue

Post by Dreamer »

Well, although I like your ideas, and respect your conception of werewolves (and at least you don't whine about being "persecuted" like Vuldari), there is a problem with your theory. There is the fact that wolves are very social animals, and I'm pretty sure that they don't kill their own kind (I mean, even though it's a drastic physical change, the person in question would still probably at first identify himself as human like a Trannsexual indentifies himself as female), so I don't think that they would do that. I think they'd focus more on housepets, for the same reason you say they'd focus on humans: They're abundant and mostly defenseless, and it would register a little less on the wolfified (which I assume would be cloudied and muddied with instincts in your interpretation) moral plane

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Re: On the Man Eater Issue

Post by Volkodlak »

WW a man eater? yes and no let me explain:

it all come down on control you have as WW some mentioned that they are desperate and hungry only WW with no control ,little control and posibly medium control would do that.because those about medim control have too much control too feed on human being except if they done it before being bitten

reasons why a werewolf might attack and feed on a human:
-desperation and hunger
-cannibalism before being bitten

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