What have you always wanted to see in a transformation scene

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Re: What have you always wanted to see in a transformation s

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I do love transformations, but I don't like gory transformations where people fall apart, or tear through the skin (which I always thought was a stupid idea, but apparently the majority loves it because I keep seeing those everywhere). I think a transformation scene should look like it could happen to you, and not make you feel sick on your stomache because it just throws alot of gore at you. Another key aspect of what I think makes a great transformation, is capturing the feeling of actually changing into something animalistic and losing your humanity. I've seen most werewolf movies I could get my hands on, but I've never seen anything pull this feeling off.

I've had one very cool dream, a few years ago, in which I transformed into a werewolf. The reason I remember it so well is because in the dream, the feeling of the TF was very intense. I'll try my best and describe that dream sequence. :)

It was like the body was going into overdrive. If you ever strained a muscle, you know how weird this feels. Imagine that on your whole body, and on top of that, a feeling of losing part of your consiousness. I don't think my dream involved transforming into the Hollywood 'beast' type werewolf, but there's a certain part of human conciousness that feels like its leaving your mind. Thinking back at it, I do think its realistic considering a wolf's head isn't nearly as big as that of a human, and a werewolf is supposed to be a hybrid between the two, so it sounds logical that you lose at least SOME part of your mental capacity as a werewolf.

Alright, thats it for now. :)
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Re: What have you always wanted to see in a transformation s

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I think you've brought up a big point--believability. Biology is both gooey and organized. Biological abnormalities look scary, and a lot of horror is based on derangement of familiar anatomy. But, biology relies heavily on function. A lot of horror specifically creates a sense of dysfunction, of losing abilities, coupled with looking disfigured. But, a werewolf as we envision him or her has enhanced function, and is in many ways better off than a non-lycanthropic human, at least once one gets past the awkward early days. A shape-shift should, in keeping with this vision, convey a sense of good biological empowerment and function. If there has to be a horror element, there's still plenty of room for it--pain, the unexpected nature of it, the realization that it's not what you thought it would be, and the sheer strange and surreal nature of the thing. That, and warping and bending flesh tends to make some people queasy. But, mostly it's the shouting and hollering in agony. Some say the first shift is the absolute worst, but for many it's the second, because you think it'll be like the first, and as much as you thought you wanted it when you first got bit, you really don't want to go through it all over again.
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