Fifth Terminator movie

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Fifth Terminator movie

Post by Sevena » Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:37 pm

I just heard about this today,prob cause its all over the place but I'm unsure how to feel about it.Of course the original is almost always the best and in this series it is.Judgement day was decent at the time and is still a good flic holding its own against Salvation which I would could consider the third best in the series.They should have just pitched Rise of the machines in the waste basket but they didnt.
Anywho,Lots of wondering goin on about whos gonna be in it and what they could possibly do with the film and Arnold is now signed on.Hes so old though,Im thinking this.They rip up the time line and introduce the character that inspired that particular machine,him of course being the terminator.In a round about way with the rumors and if you branch from that an idea I got here ... dy-118302/ They could have John Conner meet the man whos face he used when he made the terminator.
Im really just hoping this isn't a remake in disguise.Put it this way,they could just take the main characters to a dif point in the time line(introducing new actors)change a few keys events and bam! you've got a starting point for a new series just like they did with Star Trek,which I LOVED thought it was pretty freakin awesome,dont care what anyone says.Yes, that was a reboot but the same thing could be done in Termintor 5 and I guess every other film in existence. I think it would be great if they continue to explore what Salvation offered but still unsure of that as well :?

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Re: Fifth Terminator movie

Post by Scott Gardener » Tue Feb 12, 2013 10:37 pm

I agree about Rise of the Machines; it undid everything intellectual and brilliant about T2. T1 and 2 were both James Cameron's works, so it's a tough act to follow. But, they did seem to go out of their way to screw up John Conner's character and the premise of free will. We have no fate but what Hollywood marketing departments make.

We're getting pretty far away from 1985 without a robotic apocalypse. Skynet is a bit overdue by now, and Judgement Day keeps getting bumped back. On the other hand, although it dragged a bit, The Sarah Conner Chronicles was a pretty decent, short-lived TV series, and a good patch to the plot points T3 screwed up. T4 was pretty well done, too.
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