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Hi everyone,

I've been searching for information on the freeborn movie. There is almost nothing to be found and the project looks dead again. It look like all three phases couldn't raise more than a few grand and the time ran out for phase 3. Is this right?

I'm new to the site. A werewolf movie fan since I was a kid. Loved the transformation scenes from the Howling and American Werewolf in London. But werewolves movies mostly are disappointing. Freeborn looked like such an incredible concept that was seeking to break new ground in the transformation area. It would be a shame if it's dead

Anyone have some info?

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Re: Freeborn

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It's now a series rather than a movie, and the pilot episode is in production. No idea what network it'll be on, or if it'll be online instead. As an independent production, it's got a smaller budget than we had originally hoped.

If you want info on Freeborn, you're in the right place. The Pack began life as a focus group for the film, and the director and script writer are both semi-regulars here. As for the producers, I'm one of them. And, The Pack is in the credits.

According to director Anthony Brownrigg, footage for the pilot has been filmed, and it is now in post-production for such elements as editing and visual effects.

While you are waiting, a prequel short film, Tasha's Decision, is already out. Here it is!
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