Crowd Funded werewolves: "Perk" ideas needed.

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Crowd Funded werewolves: "Perk" ideas needed.

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*Edit* Just to clarify, crowd funding is only an idea being considered at this point, but relates to the production of parts of the practical effects for Freeborn's gestalt werewolf (aka: The werewolf suit). Note, this is not for the production of Freeborn itself, just the werewolf suit.

Primarily this is for an optics system designed to allow the werewolf performer to see what they're doing properly, and so perform more naturally. Any cash left over I imagine might go into facial animatronics things (or more optics units, I'm still considering this eventuality).

As of right now I'm talking to a company to get the optical parts built. There's a financial snag though, in that they generally only do bulk purchases for "products of this nature". I've been quoted $10k minimum.

Obviously I'm going to shop around a bit, but $10k is what we're looking at right now. I don't know what this means yet, we could get 20 units, in which case we'll probably have a surplus of parts. Or this could run well over $10k needed to furnish the three suits I had planned for. I just don't know yet.

Anyway! Let's assume this happens, and these practical effects are being crowd funded; we'll need perks for the donors!

Any suggestions? :)

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