A call to artists

Commissions offers, art for sale, auctions, etc.
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A call to artists

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What we are doing:
- We are creating a CCG on a gamer's budget (specifically, mine).
- We are having a lot of fun doing this while working with cool people.
- We are doing this on a rapid scale of time (hoping to release before the end of 2009).
- We are paying nothing down, 100% after the release (and if we sell zero decks during the release, then we will be working off our debts over the next 3-5 years).
- We are paying $50/piece (4x4" full color 600dpi) of various subjects, payment arrangements as above. There might be a card or two in there for werewolves in the first printing. We will own all rights (but will help you sell prints of what you've done for us, as well as let you sell your own - after the launch).
- We can toss in some extras beyond that (but they are reliant upon a successful launch).
- We would like to finish the artwork for the CCG ASAFP, so that we can launch it, and make enough to pay everyone, and to pay everyone well.
- We cannot print a CCG that lacks artwork - hence we are depending on each and every artist we have (and will have) to do good work. Artwork is the only thing that will make the launch date have to change.

What we would like from you, if you would like to do this:
- A PM to me with a link to your online portfolio, expressing a desire to be a part of this (if you'd like to).
- Ready to email me, as I'll PM you my email address, and be eagerly awaiting an answer so that you and I have a chance to ask one another questions and get answers before I forward your information and my recommendation to HR, who will handle the actual paperwork.

Other stuff:
- If you would like to discuss how awesome (or not) this looks to you, feel free to do so. If you would like to be a part though - I am available via PM. The reason for this is that I am doing the things that I need to do to make this a success, and to do that, I can't be very active on The Pack right now.
- Some artists I know found this deal to be offending. If you're offended, that's fine - the purpose of putting this up is to complete a major project. Not to offend you. So, sorry if you're offended.

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