In Need Of Some Commissions! Please help!

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In Need Of Some Commissions! Please help!

Post by Tygerwolfe » Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:38 pm

I'd like to get in about $150-$200 worth of commissions by next week (and I promise you'll get progress pics as I work!), because my parents 50th Anniversary is next Saturday. My fiancee and I used all of our savings to be able to fly out and see them - but I'd like to be able to take them out to dinner and have some spending money for the few days we'll be there. Please help make that possible! :D Now, on to the important stuff. :P

Simplified Price Sheet:

Detailed Price Sheet + Rules for NSFDA (not safe for DA) pics: (Link to FA):

My email for negotiations & general contact is: Tygerwolfe[@]

My PayPal Email is: Tigerwolf.2[@] (Will accept donations too!)

Will accept DA or FA notes, as well as emails, and responses to this post, and will respond as soon as possible. Thank you!! :(

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