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Multiple items for sale

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Ok, first and foremost, I want these to be local sales -or- you come and pick them up.

#1- 37mm Flare launcher by Et Cetera. Looks similar to the M-203 grenade launcher in current military use, but it is considered a singnaling device, not a firearm or Destructive Device, so anyone can own it. Mounts in the same manner as the 203 to Heavy-barrel AR-15/M-16 family of rifles and carbines. Carbine legnth barrel (9") Included are 3 smoke rounds, several 35mm film canisters (for loading chalk/talcum powder practice rounds) and H-bar mounts already installed. Asking $225.00 OBO

#2- !969 Ford F-100 pickup truck. 390 big-block, 3-speed manual, 2 wheel dive shortbed. Needs restoration. does not run. Have almost everything it need for resto except some trim pieces. Had incorrect year bed. Everything is there, it just needs the work put into it, and I dont have time to mess with it anymore.
Asking $600.00

#3- !992 Ford F-150 XLT. 5.0 (302) V-8, E4OD Automatic trans, 2 wheel drive. Runs and drives, but needs EGR tube (about $75 bucks). No rust, but front drivers quarter was bent by previous owner running his riding mover into it. Have ner front quarter panel and new front and rear OE bumbers, there just not installed. Has XLT package, so it has all power everything- Steering, brakes, windows, side mirrors etc. Has all-new Spindles, brake lines (all) brake calipers (all) brake pads (all) discks (front) drums (rear) wheel bearings (all). New OE Y-pipe with new Catalytic converters, and OE cat-back, New double roller timing chain and high-volume water pump, new ECU. Red and black 2-tone paint, red interior. 230K miles, but still runs fine. Got 20 mpg befrore EGR tube went.
Stage 1- As it sits right now: $1800.00
Stage 2- New EGR tube installed and new sheetmetal included but not mounted: $2000.00
Stage 3- Same as above, but withb sheetmetal mounted and prepped for paint, but not painted: $2800.00

#4- !988 Honda CR 500R. 500cc 2-stroke single, 5-speed. 2-stroke brutality at its finest! About 65hp, 230 lbs. All-new bodywork (except for tank), new wheels (Excell) tires (Metzler MC5s) brake discks (EBC) pads (Braking) freshly repainted frame in original factory red color, new seat foam and cover (Ceet) Bars and grips (Renthal) levers (Sunline) drive chain and sprockets (Sidewinder) Currently working on engine. Will be getting a new sleeve (LA sleeve), bored to factory-stock (no oversises), mild porting work (done by me) to clean up any casting flaws, STD size forged piston (Wiseco) and rebuilt crank (same) all new seals everywhere and new FMF or Pro-Circuit pipe and 95db legal silencer. Suspension will be set up for a 240 lb rider (I like my bikes with stiff suspension). Using the best of everything, and doing a 100% back-to-factory stock restoration as possible. I do not have a title or the point of origin paperwork, but am having a title made for a special-purpose vehicle. Obviously, its not a streetbike, so its not street legal, and is intended for a seasoned rider who knows how to use restraint with the throttle. This is a very, very powerful bike, and should not be ridden by novices or noobs. You can tak it all the way down ti idle speed in any gear, open the throttle, and it will respond instantly by standing up on you! If you want the ultimate wheelie machine, here it is! Also legal for AMA Vintage racing. WILL NOT BE FINISHED UNTILL DECEMBER. $3500.00 firm

Bushmaster 16" M-4 profile barrel for Bushmaster upper recievers. Has permantly attached mini Y-comp compensater. Only has 90 rounds put through it. Includes barrel nut, but not handguards. $100.00 OBO

E-mail me at either or PM me. I will NOT ship either the launcher or the bike. You must pick up vehicles yourself. will deliver launcher up to 25 miles from where I work.

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