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Artist(s) Wanted

Post by RedEye »

I need artwork for the Wulfen series. Without it, I really can't publish on anything, and I'm too busy writing to settle down and draw something,

What I need: Covers and interior art. They need to be realistic, and there will be both Were's and Smoothskins in the art, so you need to be able to do both. Color is a must for the Cover, and greyscale is good for the interiors.

What I offer in return: your name as artist, and 1/3of the net income from book sales. Other media, other comission levels.

Qualifications: I give you a scene and the description of the imagry in it. The Werewolves will be very well described, so you get the sizes and colors right. These Werewolves are not monsters! They're People.

Contact me (RedEye) at if you are interested.
RedEye: The Wulf and writer who might really be a Kitsune...
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