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Digital art commissions.

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I'm currently taking artwork commissions of all shapes and sizes. I love to draw wolves so I thought I'd post here, try my luck:

Examples can be found on my deviantart page:

In particular I would refer to this picture for an example of the detail I put into a commission, as the others are a little more basic: ... -109832248

Tried to keep the list simple, for the nitty gritty you can refer to the full copy of this, also on my DA page


Policy on extras:
All extra's are added to the base price of the picture requested and added together to get the final price.

* For extra characters, add 60% of the price to the piece you want.

* For a simple background, add 30-40% of the price to the piece you want

* For a more detailed background, add 60 -80% of the price.


Rough sketch: $2.50
Clean sketch: $4.00
Inked lineart: $6.00
Basic Colour/No shading: $9.00
Standard Colour (Shaded): $12.00

Icons/Avatars: $9.00
Conbadge art (headshot): $10.00

Character Sheets:
Based on a character of low to medium detail. I charge extra for a full text description as I've found it's often hit and miss.

1 Side and Facial shot: $15.00 +
Front/Back/Face: $25 +
Front/Back/Side/Several Facial Shots: $35.00 +


Please contact via PM if interested, even just for enquiries. I'm open minded so don't be afraid to ask for something - at the worst I'll respectfully decline and say it isn't my cup of tea ^^
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