Texas Republicans trying to make being gay illegal

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Re: Texas Republicans trying to make being gay illegal

Post by Terastas » Tue Nov 23, 2010 3:35 pm

Okay, first of all, as Alphanubilus already said a while ago, Karl Marx's idea of communism was never meant to serve as the building blueprints for a system of government. It wasn't even his idea of a utopian society really -- it was his idea of how to prevent worker exploitation in the factory. Lenin, Mao Tse-Tung and Fidel Castro were just dictators who used the title "communism" to cover up the fact that they were such.

Second, and more importantly, I never said I had a "plan to make it work this time." I was talking about applying a minimal amount of socialism to our already existing democracy for the sake of long-term sustainability, and the argument I got back was against full top-to-bottom communism. You effectively just did exactly what I'd previously lectured conservatives for doing: deliberately confusing the issue by turning it into a debate of all or nothing.

That couldn't be further from the truth. I don't want the government to cater to everything for everyone. I just want it to do enough to ensure that those who want to contribute are able to contribute.
It should be, but in reality, not so much. The way I see it, a government has two options:
1) Provide the necessary goods / services directly to the welfare recipients.
2) Throw money at the recipients and pray that they don't waste it, lose it or get screwed out of it.

Right now, the government is doing #2, which is so much easier (FYI: easy = lazy), but doesn't fix anything for anyone. Half the people on welfare exploit the system, and the other half continue to be exploited.
No! For the love of God no, stop right there! I am so bloody sick of that phrase -- "people who only want to freeload off of the taxpayers" has lost all bloody meaning thanks to dumb conservative pricks like you!

I'm unemployed you little puke. Ask me how I like it! Ask me if I enjoy being in pain every day from the minute I wake up in the morning to the minute I finally manage to fall asleep in spite of it! Ask me if I enjoy knowing tomorrow will be no different because I can't even get a doctor to bloody look at me or any insurance company to cover me! Ask me if I enjoy getting turned down for job after job after job because nobody wants an employee who grits his teeth and seethes all the time while he's working! Ask me if I like having to roll coins together to see if I can buy groceries this week!

Ask me if I like listening to tea-bagger pay-per-protest douchebags piss and moan that I "just want the taxpayers to take care of me" all the time. Ask ME you prick!!

Yes, that's right, I'm not being civil anymore. Go ahead and whine about that instead if you can't think of any other tea-bagger catch phrases you haven't already thrown out at random yet. You betrayed your colors, so I see no reason to keep hiding mine either.

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Re: Texas Republicans trying to make being gay illegal

Post by FoxKnight » Tue Nov 23, 2010 4:54 pm

I'm sorry about that Terastas. I was unaware of how painful your life is right now for you. I did not know of your situation and I was not directing that comment towards honest people like you. Just to those who do NOT seek work and wish to be supported solely by welfare. THEY should either: change their ways, find a willing charity or philanthropist, or leave this country. I do not tolerate abuse of the system well. (Which isn't to say the system is always right either. Just that if the system works in that particular area, we need to honor it) I have family that abuses the system in Sacremento and it's only worsened by the fact that they are drug addicts.

I can see my posts about ideologies have been pestering you for a while, though I do proclaim it was not purposely to make you mad, but I never expected it to boil over like this. If it is any consolation, I have clicked your link a few times before because I do support you and Baphnedia. I am unemployed too, though my situation is completely different because I am only a 17 year old living at home still who hasn't been exposed to the real world yet. You should blame my young ignorance and stupidity almost as much as myself. I appreciate you for giving me a new perspective to look through that is a lot clearer than the overly conservative ideas my parents are always trying to brainwash me into believing. (I am quite liberal compared to them. It's a wonder that I am not a far right elitist by now)

I suppose this is the end of my political posts online. My only wish is never to offend anyone else as greatly as I have you over things that can never really be met in the middle about.

This apology probably doesn't make things right between us but my sincerity in it is still present.

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Re: Texas Republicans trying to make being gay illegal

Post by Uniform Two Six » Fri May 27, 2016 3:38 pm

I stumbled across this, and couldn't help but necro-post. I think the Trump campaign proves my point rather nicely. The halfway intelligent Republican candidates got picked off in the opening phases of the primaries, and there's no way that anybody can claim that this was the intent of the party at the top. Trump is flagrantly anti-establishment. The GOP have invested so much time and energy in nurturing the idiot-crowd, that now even they aren't crazy enough to get elected by their own base.

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