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what would it take?

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With Freeborn on hold it seems (indefinitely) what would it take for someone to make a realistic found footage werewolf transformation (or if a wolf is too hard to do how about a dog becoming a human ala Dr. Moreau). First what would look real? Also what kind of script would work? It would be quick since mostly the person is changing.
What follows here is an idea found footage for a werewolf story line. I don't know how to write it as a script.

"Okay we are rolling. Hello my name is Pat and I will be videotaping the upcoming event. This is my friend Joy."


"Joy the viewers are not going to believe what they will be seeing except those few who are like you are. Why are we doing this?

"Well to find others like me that I won't be alone and perhaps the can help me control or eliminate it."

"And what is going to happen?"

" I am going to turn into a wolf.

"Viewers I know you won't believe it and think this is a trick. Fine. We aren't trying to reach you. It is the others who know this is true we are trying to reach."

Joy How long have this been happening?"

"A few months and I do not know what triggered it."

"Okay Joy thank you. What you will be seeing next is the change."

"We are about to see the transformation. Joy says she is ready. Joy how does it feel? You look sweaty."

"I'm holding it back. I'm about to let and go and I will change."

"okay we will see you later."


Joy's body is contorting, shrinking. Hair growing out all over her body.

"Joy says it feels like losing yourself but it is not overly painful. She says it is like your body becomes like taffy. Being pushed and pulled into a different form. The process takes about 2 minutes."
"There you have it. A wolf. Those who know this is true contact us. Those who disbelieve just enjoy the neat trick you believe you saw."

if a dog works better here is one:

Shift Effect Process: Dog --> Human

"This is experiment 18 of the shift effect process. The subject is a four year old golden retriever. The end target is a human female aged 24 years.

"The subject is secured within the reaction chamber. The subject has received a full dose of active nanites. The machine will power up and charge the nanites for the process."

"Process begins in 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . activate."
The chamber glows with power around the dog. The dog starts to change into a human woman.
"Process complete. Elapsed time two minutes."

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