New Werewolf game in Development!

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New Werewolf game in Development!


Hello All!

I run a small indie game studio in Tustin, CA.

We've recently announced our next game entitled, GOREHOUNDS!

Essentially its a game featuring brutal werewolf combat. 12 Werewolf warriors will go to battle to decide who becomes the alpha to rule the wolves.

Its a pretty ambitious project, but were trying to garner as much interest as possible and gain a following of loyal supporters!

IF anyone is interested in this game, check out our website as we're releasing more information on a daily basis on our blog.

Help Support Gorehounds! HTTP://GOREHOUNDS.NET

Alternatively, we're open to all kinda of discussion and suggestion for what should be featured in the game. Replay to this thread about anything and everything you'd like to see in Gorehounds!
GOREHOUNDS: Brutal Werewolf Combat!
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