DOS Wolf game: I found it!

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Scott Gardener
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It's a DOS game. For it's time, it was big, about five megabytes. Delete two mp3s you ripped from your CD of Simon and Garfunkle's Greatest Hits, and you'll have room.
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Short Tail
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I totaly suck at that game. I can't even find anything to kill. Nor can I even find water if I need it. I am a failure as a wolf :lol:

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Just Bitten
Just Bitten
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Re: DOS Wolf game: I found it!

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Scott Gardener wrote:I found it! The game that spawned the phrase "click here to mate"!

That will get you the DOS program. It's abandonware, meaning that its original copyright holders are defunct. It may theoretically be considered pirated, but no one is around to sue, and there's no chance an official re-release will ever happen.

Now, you need a DOS emulator. If you don't already have one, Dosbox works quite well:

Here's how you do it. (Experienced techies, please forgive the painfully obvious, but this will help even the casual computer user get up and running.)

1. Unzip the entire Wolf game contents into a folder. We'll save some typing by putting it in C:\WOLF.

2. Install and run Dosbox. It will create a DOS window, in the Z directory.

3. Type "mount C C:/WOLF" and press return, to create a virtual C drive containing the contents of the Wolf game folder.

4. Type "C:" and return to go into that drive.

5. Type "WOLF" to run the game, and voila!
Cool :howl:  :oo Thanks for the game!
Kotig wrote:Is it a really big download? I have almost no space on my computer :cry:
its 8,2 MB not much :)
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Dealing with the Change
Dealing with the Change
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Sound interesting :D I shall try it NOW!!! :lol:

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Re: DOS Wolf game: I found it!

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Hello i'm a newbie.
I know this topic is old but maybe someone of the wolf-players is online.

I've downloaded the game a couple of days ago. its a wonderfull game but is there a chance to save?
i havn't much time to play and so i have to start everyday a new game.

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