the Paradice Roleplaying System BETA

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the Paradice Roleplaying System BETA

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Hello friends,

This is a quick note that preparations are ramping up to get the Paradice Roleplaying System BETA underway. I've spent half of the day moving and revising rules, and setting up a gamer's chat room (with dice bots! yay!) and am getting close to being able to start testing. There are two things that you can do while we wait (until the final peices of my plan fall in place):

If you haven't already, register and visit the forum on, and make yourself known in the Get Involved discussion board, and hey, get to know each other. Once the Non-Disclosure Agreements are done, then I will open up the project area of the forum to you. This will be done on an individual basis.

Secondly, get into (and register your username, etc) at the IRC chatroom (we will later use it for gaming) and get familiar with the dicebot there, SnakeEyes. The way I roll dice hasn't changed either. Even when it's computerized, I still roll like s***. So, expect an easy game because your GM can't roll! For users who are familiar with IRC clients and chatting, I'm going to place what you need to know right here in this email. For those of you who are unfamiliar with IRC, there's a lot to learn. We will teach you. But, we can't help you if we don't know you need help. So, please, tell us.

Please thank Breimh for helping me get set up on a gaming server. Without that, I'd still be thinking that I was in Square 1.

IRC Server =
Channel = #paradice
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