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Comic-Con International 2008 July 24-27

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2008 12:07 am
by garouda
Comic-Con International 2008 July 24-27 Preview night July 23rd.

I posted about it in 2006 and everyone said they could not go.

I went last year as well

And I am staying at the hotel next door to the convention center this year.

Who is going ?


This Convention has become a huge one to promote movies and television along with its more traditional illustrated storytelling. If Red Victoria is not already in Theaters by this time, will it be promoted here ?

In 2007, Skinwalkers had a booth promoting their movie at Comic-Con. ( And an awesome poster too ! ) Their booth was really quite clever. Ask me if you want a description of it. The screaming should be a bit of a clue. It is coming from the people visiting the booth.