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Role play from Pack Chat - Let Meditating Wolves Lie

Post by Vagrant »

It seems like a bit of an RP was triggered in the #pack channel today by me generally misbehaving and trying to do terrible things to Moon's mind as he meditated. I learned my lesson there! Oh did I. Curious? Then, dear reader, read on...

[I've edited this to make the lead-in as comprehensible as possible, hopefully I haven't missed anything!]


(1:43:24 AM) ***Moonraiser ignores the duckies, sits down, and meditates...
(1:44:05 AM) ***Lupin sniffs Vagrant
(1:44:18 AM) ***Vagrant peers up at Lupin.
[I was sniffed by the channel bot a bunch at this point.]
(1:44:37 AM) ***Moonraiser doesn't sniff or fear anything for he is meditating...
(1:45:17 AM) ***Moonraiser shakes his head, then goes back to meditating
(1:45:25 AM) ***Vagrant does not object overly to the sniffing.
(1:46:53 AM) ***Moonraiser starts to levitate
(1:49:21 AM) ***Vagrant quietly pads over to Moon and starts quietly whispering seemingly random things in an ear.
(1:50:17 AM) ***Moonraiser 's ear twitches
(1:51:55 AM) ***Moonraiser scratches his ear, for it itches...
(1:52:15 AM) ***Vagrant dodges the scratching paw quickly enough to not be noticed.
(1:52:39 AM) ***Moonraiser mumbles:
(1:52:41 AM) Moonraiser:
(1:52:49 AM) ***Moonraiser continues to meditate
(1:53:15 AM) ***Vagrant whispers yet more things into the meditating Moon's ear, what is he up to?
(1:54:02 AM) ***Moonraiser scratches his ear again.
(1:54:18 AM) ***Moonriaser scratches his ear again
(1:54:32 AM) ***Vagrant ducks his head down quickly, and pads around to the other side of the real Moon, and proceeds to whisper in that ear.
(1:54:34 AM) ***Lupin considers getting Moonraiser a flea collar
(1:55:12 AM) ***Moonraiser senses a presence...
(1:55:29 AM) ***Vagrant silences himself for a moment, staying absolutely still.
(1:56:01 AM) ***Moonraiser moves his ears around, trying to hear something...
(1:56:25 AM) ***Vagrant whispers again, but he keeps his voice quiet and indistinct.
(1:58:14 AM) ***Moonraiser levitates back down, but does not break his concentration.
(1:58:58 AM) Moonriaser:
I lvoe that song
(1:59:22 AM) ***Vagrant seems to be tapering off now, his whispering almost silent--and it looks like he's done, he looks pleased with himself, anyway. He scoots off back over to hide behind Lupin, which is his favourite spot.
(1:59:31 AM) Vagrant:
And no one shall ever figure out what I was doing!
(1:59:56 AM) ***Moonraiser senses devious thoughts...
(2:00:30 AM) ***Moonraiser but ignores them...
(2:00:36 AM) Vagrant:
(2:00:43 AM) ***Vagrant looks this way and that.
(2:01:03 AM) ***Vagrant quietly mutters to himself about strong-willed weres.
(2:02:14 AM) ***Moonraiser stands, then slowly walks deeper into the forest, almost as if in a trance...
(2:03:19 AM) ***Moonraiser darkness starts to wash over him, as he goes deeper into the forest.
(2:03:47 AM) ***Vagrant peers after Moon, wondering what he's up to.
(2:03:53 AM) ***Moonraiser stops
(2:04:02 AM)
(2:04:07 AM) ***Human runs into Vagrant
(2:04:11 AM) Human:
OH MY GOODD *screams*
(2:04:22 AM) ***Moonraiser turns his head around slightly, then continues on walking.
(2:04:50 AM) Vagrant:
Um, hello there, distressed young naked college student... what can I do for you?
(2:05:01 AM) ***Vagrant watches after Moon though, as this wasn't quite what he had in mind.
(2:05:53 AM) ***Moonraiser dissapears into the darkness, though aways away you could hear his footsteps...
(2:06:04 AM) Human:
oH GOD...
(2:06:08 AM) Human:
Werewolves are real
(2:06:10 AM) Human:
(2:06:27 AM) Moonraiser:
Eat him
(2:06:34 AM) Human:
*Starts running*
(2:06:36 AM) ***Moonraiser says for no apparant reason.
(2:06:44 AM) Human:
please don't kill me!
(2:06:48 AM) Lupin:
(2:07:02 AM) Vagrant:
(2:07:05 AM) Vagrant:
Yes, let's do that.
(2:07:07 AM) Vagrant:
(2:07:34 AM) Sabre:
hiya folks
(2:07:39 AM) ***Moonraiser comes out from nowhere, grabbing the human, taking him away into the darkness...
(2:07:54 AM) Human:
PLease help
(2:07:55 AM) Human:
(2:08:00 AM) Human:
(2:08:05 AM) Vagrant:
(2:08:16 AM) ***Vagrant curses himself for not having had a videocamera handy.
(2:08:16 AM) ***Moonraiser bites the jugular of the human
(2:08:25 AM) Human:
(2:08:41 AM) Human:
(2:08:53 AM) Maugrim:
* Human falls down... dead! x_X
(2:09:02 AM)
Human is now known as Women
(2:09:10 AM) Women:
Bob...BOB! Where are you!
(2:09:11 AM) ***Moonraiser tears the humans arm off to save it for later...
(2:09:14 AM) ***Vagrant finally tracks down where Moon had taken his prey, and tries munching on a leg, a tasty leg.
(2:09:29 AM) Women:
Bob this isn't funny you know!
(2:09:29 AM) ***Moonraiser snarls at vagrant
(2:09:34 AM) ***Vagrant backs up quickly.
(2:09:50 AM) ***Moonraiser hits V with the dismembered arm
(2:09:53 AM) Women:
(2:10:00 AM) Women:
*runs deeper into the forest*
(2:10:03 AM) Vagrant:
(2:10:08 AM) ***Moonraiser throws the dead bob at the woman...
(2:10:12 AM) ***Vagrant falls over onto his back, he wasn't expecting that.
(2:10:56 AM) ***Lupin does not
(2:11:15 AM)
Women left the room (quit: Connection reset by peer).
(2:11:20 AM) ***Moonraiser still seems to be in a transe, as he sits completely still...
(2:11:23 AM)
Sabre is now known as Sabre-Drawing
(2:11:23 AM) ***Vagrant pads back a little ways, to ensure he's safe, and settles down to watch the show.
(2:11:45 AM)
Bluewolf [Ciaran@F7EBF5D9.8BD2A30C.A2AC975.IP] entered the room.
(2:11:54 AM)
Bluewolf is now known as Woman
(2:12:20 AM) ***Vagrant brings his forelegs together and lays his muzzle upon them, yellow eyes tracking the scene. "Not a bad show, this, wish I had popcorn."
(2:12:21 AM) ***Moonraiser 's head tilts sideways in the direction of Vagrant.
(2:12:23 AM) Woman:
(2:12:31 AM) Vagrant:
Look, she's running away!
(2:12:33 AM) Woman:
(2:12:46 AM) ***Moonraiser tilts his head towards the woman...
(2:13:02 AM) ***Moonraiser gets up
(2:13:03 AM) Woman:
Why did you kill my husband!?!
(2:13:24 AM) ***Lupin sneaks up behind Moonraiser, zipties his tail to a bush, then runs off
(2:13:52 AM) ***Moonraiser uses his claws to cut the tie, then runs after Lupin...
(2:14:05 AM) Woman:
*runs crying*
(2:14:12 AM) ***Moonraiser jumps
(2:14:15 AM) ***Lupin whistles innocently then beaks into a run
(2:14:24 AM) ***Moonraiser punces on Lupin
(2:14:40 AM) ***Lupin dodges veers suddenly
(2:14:46 AM) Lupin:
(2:15:12 AM) ***Moonraiser grabs him by the tail and pulls him to the ground.
(2:15:24 AM) Woman:
*bumps into Vagrant*
(2:15:37 AM) ***Vagrant is knocked onto his side. "Whooof!"
(2:15:43 AM) ***Lupin spins around and pins Moonraiser
(2:15:44 AM) Vagrant:
That's the fifth time today, or sixth!
(2:16:00 AM) Vagrant:
Anyway, I'll get back to you, if you'll excuse me...
(2:16:00 AM) ***Moonraiser pushes, trying to free himself...
(2:16:21 AM) ***Moonraiser punches Lupin once, hard.
(2:16:23 AM) ***Lupin stands firm
(2:16:35 AM) ***Vagrant eases himself up, and quickly shunts himself forward into a run, following the scent of Moonraiser. "Better see what's happening with those two..."
(2:16:36 AM) ***Moonraiser punches again, but harder
(2:16:51 AM) ***Moonraiser then again, and again...
(2:16:53 AM) ***Lupin bares his teeth
(2:17:10 AM) Woman:
Don't kill me!
(2:17:13 AM) ***Moonraiser bares his teeth back, showing those pearly whites...
(2:17:28 AM) Woman:
*follows Vagrant*
(2:17:28 AM) ***Moonraiser lets out a ferocious growl...
(2:17:31 AM) ***Vagrant catches up, it doesn't take him more than a moment to asses the situation, and he quickly leaps on Moon from behind, taking advantage of Lupin's distraction. He begins to shake Moon, "Snap out of it! Come on, oi! Snap out of it!"
(2:17:52 AM) ***Woman watches from the bushes scared
(2:17:52 AM) ***Vagrant shakes Moon violently, "I know you're in there!"
(2:18:14 AM) ***Moonraiser punches V in the face, then swipes him accross the chest with his claws, then runs off...
(2:18:36 AM) ***Woman falls down and makes a loud noise
(2:18:41 AM) ***Vagrant is sent flying back into a tree, "WHOOF!" He slides down it and growns, softly muttering something about a seventh.
(2:18:44 AM) ***Lupin chases after Maugrim
(2:18:45 AM) ***Maugrim chases after Lupin
(2:18:48 AM) Lupin:
(2:18:48 AM) ***Maugrim slides down off of the tree.
(2:18:50 AM) ***Lupin chases after Moonraiser
(2:18:59 AM) ***Woman watches Vagrant and slowly comes near him
(2:19:16 AM) ***Moonraiser turns around suddenly towards Lupin
(2:19:36 AM) ***Moonraiser jumps up a tree, then over Lupin and continues to run...
(2:19:56 AM) ***Woman stares at Vagrant in awe and terror
(2:20:04 AM) ***Lupin jumps off the tree and continues after Maugrim
(2:20:04 AM) ***Maugrim jumps off the tree and continues after Lupin
(2:20:07 AM) Lupin:
(2:20:10 AM) ***Lupin jumps off the tree and continues after Moonraiser
(2:20:11 AM) ***Moonraiser runs by the woman and V, slicing the womans throat as he runs by...
(2:20:16 AM) Maugrim:
Lupin: Apache doesn't see Lupin in a live tree the other thing to watch.
(2:20:24 AM) Woman:
*Dies in a pile of blood*
(2:20:28 AM)
Woman is now known as Teenager
(2:20:37 AM) ***Moonraiser grins an evil grin...
(2:20:38 AM) Teenager:
*tries to film these man beasts*
(2:20:51 AM) ***Moonraiser smells young blood...
(2:20:53 AM)
Howlitzer_drawing is now known as Howlitzer
(2:20:54 AM) Angel:
(2:20:58 AM) ***Moonraiser somewhere...
(2:20:59 AM) ***Teenager tries to hide
(2:20:59 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:21:02 AM) Howlitzer:
what's going on here?
(2:21:09 AM) Teenager:
An orgy of violence
(2:21:15 AM) Angel:
(2:21:21 AM) ***Vagrant shakes his head from side to side quickly, as if to shake away the near-concussion as if it were merely the same after waking up from a bad nap. He blinks a few times and peels himself off the tree, "Grawwf... note to self, don't try to tinker with people when they're meditating, I hope Lupin can handle himself."
(2:21:47 AM) ***Teenager tries to stay still and not reveal himself too Moonraiser
(2:22:07 AM) ***Moonraiser stops suddenly, then issues out a loud merciless laugh...
(2:22:16 AM) ***Teenager shakes
(2:22:17 AM) Moonraiser:
(2:22:29 AM) ***Lupin fails to stop and collides with Moonraiser
(2:22:31 AM) ***Moonraiser listens
(2:22:45 AM) ***Moonraiser almost falls over, but he catches himself..
(2:22:58 AM) ***Howlitzer goes crazy
(2:23:02 AM) Howlitzer:
!maul everyone
(2:23:05 AM) ***Vagrant shakes his head a few more times, still trying to dislodge that feeling of disorientation, he's a bit useless at the moment, swaying from side to side on his feet.
(2:23:06 AM) Maugrim:
Howlitzer snarls viciously and tears everyone to bits in a shower of blood and disembodied limbs. O_o
(2:23:08 AM) ***Moonraiser picks Lupin up and throws him against a tree, then pinpoints the teenagers location
(2:23:15 AM) ***Teenager tries to keep away from Moonriaser
(2:23:17 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:23:23 AM) Howlitzer:
no really what's going on her?
(2:23:24 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:23:25 AM) ***Teenager slowly starts sneaking away
(2:23:27 AM) ***Lupin bounces off the tree and uses the momentum to tackle Maugrim
(2:23:27 AM) ***Maugrim bounces off the tree and uses the momentum to tackle Lupin
(2:23:29 AM) ***Lupin bounces off the tree and uses the momentum to tackle Moonraiser
(2:23:29 AM) Maugrim:
Lupin: I have never seen a live tree the other night.
(2:23:45 AM) Lupin:
!raw nick Fenrir
(2:23:45 AM)
Maugrim is now known as Fenrir
(2:23:47 AM) Lupin:
(2:24:03 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:24:11 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:24:13 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:24:15 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:24:16 AM) Howlitzer:
ok then
(2:24:19 AM) Vagrant:
(He's trying to roleplay and kept shortcutting to Maugrim instead of Moonraiser.)
(2:24:20 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:24:20 AM) Fenrir:
Howlitzer snarls viciously and tears Sabre-Drawing to bits in a shower of blood and disembodied limbs. O_o
(2:24:29 AM) ***Moonraiser hits his head against a tree. Blood slowly runs down....
(2:24:30 AM) ***Teenager runs too Howlitzer
(2:24:39 AM) ***Teenager hides behind him
(2:24:42 AM) Howlitzer:
who's teenager, for real?
(2:24:43 AM) ***Moonraiser laughs again...
(2:24:45 AM) Howlitzer:
I'm lost
(2:24:46 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:24:47 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:24:49 AM) Lupin:
(2:24:50 AM) Moonraiser:
(2:24:53 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:24:56 AM) Teenager:
(2:24:57 AM) ***Howlitzer disappears
(2:25:01 AM) Teenager:
(2:25:05 AM)
Angel left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(2:25:07 AM) ***Teenager legs it away from this forest
(2:25:16 AM)
Angel [] entered the room.
(2:25:20 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:25:26 AM) Howlitzer:
context please, for what's going on here?
(2:25:33 AM) Teenager:
We are doing an RP really
(2:25:34 AM) ***Moonraiser punches Lupin as hard as he can and bolts after the soon to be DEAD teenager...
(2:25:38 AM) Teenager:
Moonraiser goes insane
(2:25:41 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:25:43 AM) Howlitzer:
then what?
(2:25:53 AM) Teenager:
We are trying to stop/escape from him
(2:25:56 AM) ***Vagrant wanders slowly through the forest, sniffing as he goes, tracking the scent of Moonraiser and Lupin, he spots something along the way and snatches it up in his muzzle, muttering 'this might come in handy.' to himself.
(2:26:02 AM) Howlitzer:
and where are we?
(2:26:04 AM) ***Lupin oofs and runs after Moonraiser
(2:26:14 AM) ***Teenager runs as fast as he can
(2:26:21 AM) Moonraiser:
You are dead!!!!
(2:26:24 AM)
Ancient [] entered the room.
(2:26:39 AM) Teenager:
(2:26:47 AM) Vagrant:
(I'm trying to help out because I'm convinced that what happened to Moonraiser was my fault. I was doing terrible things to him when he was meditating.)
(2:26:48 AM) ***Lupin runs up alongside Moonraiser and grabs his ear
(2:27:08 AM) Moonraiser:
ha ha ha ha Ha Ha Ha HA HA HA HA HA-OW!!!
(2:27:12 AM) ***Howlitzer wanders around, confused.
(2:27:26 AM) ***Vagrant appears not a short distance behind Lupin and Moon, padding forward slowly, quietly... he doesn't want to draw attention to himself just yet.
(2:27:39 AM) ***Teenager starts to get out of breath
(2:27:47 AM) ***Moonraiser backhands Lupin
(2:27:47 AM) ***Vagrant closes as much distance as he's able to between himself and Moon...
(2:28:00 AM) ***Moonraiser punches him full on
(2:28:03 AM) ***Howlitzer observes from a few years away
(2:28:06 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:28:08 AM) ***Lupin clamps down on Moonraiser's ear
(2:28:16 AM) ***Lupin growls
(2:28:17 AM) ***Teenager collapses out of breath
(2:28:34 AM) ***Moonraiser wines a little, but then starts laughing again...
(2:28:42 AM) Ancient:
Dosen't know how to do actions so I'll just sit here and watch you all do the actions lol
(2:28:45 AM) ***Howlitzer yells "Moonraiser, you ok?"
(2:28:50 AM) ***Vagrant shifts to gestalt, and leaps! He tries his best to do two things at once; on one hand, he does his best to grab Moon, with with that other paw of his? He has a handful of Wolfsbane which he picked up earlier. And that Wolfsbane he's hoping will soon find its way to Moon's muzzle.
(2:28:52 AM) Ancient:
Yes I'm stupid thank you
(2:29:09 AM) Vagrant:
( /me stuff. )
(2:29:15 AM) ***Lupin stuff.
(2:29:25 AM) Vagrant:
( And you're not stupid! Everyone has to learn this at some point. )
(2:29:49 AM) ***Vagrant hopes he's got a good grip on Moon and tries to force some of that Wolfsbane into Moon's maw.
(2:29:55 AM) ***Howlitzer pads over closer to the chaos and continues to observe
(2:29:56 AM) ***Lupin picks up Teenager while Vagrant is busy with Moonraiser and runs off
(2:30:03 AM) ***Moonraiser stops motionless
(2:30:05 AM)
Angel left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(2:30:09 AM) Ancient:
(Thank you Vagrant. I'm new to the wonderful chat even if I'm an oldie on the board)
(2:30:10 AM) ***Teenager screams in terror and faints
(2:30:15 AM) ***Moonraiser falls to his knees
(2:30:18 AM) ***Lupin flattens his ears
(2:30:24 AM) ***Howlitzer tilts his head
(2:30:35 AM) ***Moonraiser punches Howlz
(2:30:40 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:30:42 AM) ***Vagrant lets go of moon and drops to his feet, falling sideways from pure exhaustion.
(2:30:44 AM) Vagrant:
(2:30:44 AM) ***Howlitzer goes bezerk
(2:30:46 AM) Vagrant:
(2:31:01 AM) ***Howlitzer shifts to gestalt and tackles Moon
(2:31:21 AM) ***Ancient watches everyone from the darkness
(2:31:24 AM)
Sabre-Drawing is now known as drunken-fool
(2:31:25 AM) ***Vagrant took a good blast to the chest earlier, so he's not got that much energy at the moment.
(2:31:52 AM) ***Howlitzer bites Moon, HARD, then shifts to quad and runs off.
(2:32:09 AM) ***Vagrant pulls himself up onto his knees and stares at Moon, "Why didn't that work? Wolfsbane almost always works! What's happened to him?"
(2:32:32 AM) ***Moonraiser howls loudly, almost insanely.
(2:32:36 AM) ***Vagrant realises he's just made himself a target, so he shifts to full Wolf and runs off in the opposite direction to Howlitzer.
(2:32:50 AM) ***Moonraiser runs after Howlitzer with great speed.
(2:32:51 AM) drunken-fool:
*staggers in and watches all the craziness* Damn furry critters! *throws glass bottles at them* Git outta my way!
(2:32:54 AM)
Angel [] entered the room.
(2:33:06 AM) ***Howlitzer runs faster
(2:33:09 AM) Lupin:
While the general public knows him as Chuck Norris, Bill Nye knows him as the Roundhouse Kicking Machine of Science.
(2:33:14 AM) drunken-fool:
*pulls out shotgun*
(2:33:41 AM)
Teenager is now known as Werewolf
(2:33:44 AM) ***Howlitzer shifts to Gestalt and stealthily climbs a tree, waiting for Moon
(2:33:51 AM) ***Moonraiser runs by the drunken FOOL and slashes his claws accross his face.
(2:33:57 AM) ***Werewolf watches with a sniper rifle in the shadows near the werewolves
(2:33:58 AM) Ancient:
Now the shotgun makes things more interesting
(2:34:15 AM) Lupin:
snack time, bbiab
(2:34:44 AM) ***Moonraiser stops to watch the drunken fool
(2:34:52 AM) ***Werewolf aims at Moonraiser
(2:34:53 AM) ***Howlitzer drops from the tree on top of Moon
(2:35:00 AM) ***Vagrant realises that this is far too cowardly of him, considering he probably brought about this situation, so he finds himself arguing over whether he should go back or not... after some self-deliberation, he sighs and does a 180, tracking Howlitzer this time. He must be a glutton for punishment.
(2:35:24 AM) drunken-fool:
*staggers slightly hardly noticing the his face was clawed cause he's so damn drunk* Stupid Dog! **fires gun*
(2:35:25 AM) ***Werewolf tries to get a solid aim at the target
(2:35:37 AM) ***Howlitzer slashes Moon across the face with his claws
(2:35:41 AM) ***Moonraiser collapses under the weight of Howlz
(2:35:56 AM) ***Moonraiser feels pain accross his face
(2:36:21 AM) ***Werewolf starts to pull trigger back and fires at Moonraiser
(2:36:33 AM) ***Howlitzer yelps and rolls to the side
(2:36:38 AM) Howlitzer:
hey, I"M HERE TOO!
(2:36:44 AM) Moonraiser:
ha ha ha HAHAHA
(2:36:52 AM) ***Werewolf bullet bounces off Moonraiser and into Howlitzers leg
(2:37:06 AM)
Ancient left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(2:37:08 AM) ***Howlitzer howls in pain
(2:37:12 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:37:13 AM) drunken-fool:
*falls over* Daggnabit! *loads gun and aims at the heap of dogs fighting*
(2:37:15 AM) ***Vagrant bounds through the forest, his legs flowing with the motions of the ground beneath him, and it isn't long before he finds himself back on the scene, fool that he is. He passes through a bush, and uses that as cover to leap from, shifting to gestalt in the air and landing on Moon's back.
(2:37:17 AM) ***Howlitzer growls
(2:37:32 AM) ***Werewolf reloads quickly and shifts postion
(2:37:35 AM) ***Howlitzer picks out bullet and waits for it to heal
(2:37:36 AM) ***Moonraiser uses this moment of distraction to shift in quad form just as V lands on him
(2:37:46 AM) ***Vagrant starts shaking moon again, "WAKE UP! This isn't what you want to be doing. I know you're in there, this isn't you!"
(2:38:02 AM) ***Vagrant grips the quad moon around his middle, tackling him as best he's able.
(2:38:22 AM) ***Werewolf settles in anew postion and unpacks things seeing more werewolves dog fight. He brings his sniper to bear again and waits
(2:38:27 AM)
drunken-fool is now known as Sabre
(2:38:50 AM) ***Howlitzer runs to the nearest house on the edge of the woods
(2:39:07 AM) Sabre:
(wishes I had got in this rp, but never seem to be around when fun things happen so will leave and join whenever new one starts)
(2:39:09 AM) ***Werewolf aims at Moonraiser yet again
(2:39:11 AM) ***Howlitzer breaks in and rifles through the house for some form of weaponry
(2:39:13 AM) ***Moonraiser tries to get away, but V has a hold on him
(2:39:18 AM) ***Howlitzer finds a tranquilizer gun
(2:39:19 AM)
Werewolf is now known as Werewolf-Hunter
(2:39:22 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:39:30 AM)
Sabre is now known as Sabre-AFK
(2:39:31 AM) ***Howlitzer runs back into the forest
(2:39:32 AM) ***Werewolf-Hunter pulls trigger
(2:39:35 AM) ***Vagrant keeps yelling at Moon, and does his best to pull him over onto his side.
(2:39:37 AM) Werewolf-Hunter:
(2:39:41 AM) ***Moonraiser realizes there is only on option to get out of this...
(2:39:55 AM) Werewolf-Hunter:
*Bullet grazes Vagrant and Moonraiser*
(2:40:09 AM) ***Moonraiser feels pain, but ignores it.
(2:40:12 AM) ***Howlitzer bullet hits Howlz in the OTHER leg
(2:40:15 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:40:19 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:40:23 AM) ***Howlitzer yelps
(2:40:31 AM) ***Vagrant yelps loudly, and twitches, almost throwing Moon up into the air, he lands in a position where he's almost looking directly at Moon. Eye to eye. "Snap. Out. Of. It."
(2:40:36 AM) ***Werewolf-Hunter starts to shift postion again and this time sees if he can get a more lethal shot.
(2:40:41 AM) ***Howlitzer fires the tranquilizer gun madly in the direction of the chaos
(2:41:01 AM) Werewolf-Hunter:
*settles sniper down and starts to aim at Howliter*
(2:41:07 AM) ***Howlitzer inadvertantly hits Werewolf-Hunter with a dart
(2:41:07 AM) ***Moonraiser looks at V:
(2:41:11 AM) Werewolf-Hunter:
(2:41:13 AM) Moonraiser:
(2:41:16 AM) Howlitzer:
nighty night!
(2:41:17 AM) Moonraiser:
For now
(2:41:24 AM) Werewolf-Hunter:
*realises he is losing conciius
(2:41:25 AM) Werewolf-Hunter:
(2:41:27 AM) Werewolf-Hunter:
(2:41:31 AM) ***Moonraiser takes both his hands to his head and twists
(2:41:37 AM) Moonraiser:
(2:41:39 AM) Werewolf-Hunter:
*quickly aims and hits Vagrant him the heart.*
(2:41:41 AM) Vagrant:
(2:41:41 AM) Werewolf-Hunter:
(2:41:42 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:41:51 AM) ***Werewolf-Hunter loses concious*
(2:41:51 AM) ***Howlitzer sits down and watches
(2:42:03 AM) ***Vagrant yelps loudly again, scratching at his chest.
(2:42:08 AM) Vagrant:
STOP THAT, those things HURT!
(2:42:09 AM) ***Moonraiser falls against a tree...
(2:42:18 AM) ***Vagrant rushes over to check on Moon.
(2:42:33 AM) ***Moonraiser falls completely over
(2:42:38 AM) ***Howlitzer hops over to check as well
(2:42:46 AM) ***Howlitzer picks out the second bullet from his leg
(2:42:52 AM) Howlitzer:
friggin bullets
(2:42:55 AM) ***Werewolf-Hunter gunpowder fills the air
(2:42:55 AM) ***Moonraiser 's head is at a strange angle
(2:42:56 AM) ***Vagrant does his best to hold Moon's head in place, properly, against his neck. After all, Werewolves regenerate... don't they?
(2:43:23 AM) ***Werewolf-Hunter slowly tries to fight against the tranq affects
(2:43:28 AM) Vagrant:
Come on now, you can't just do THAT and not give me the chance to be cross at you for it!
(2:43:34 AM) ***Howlitzer grabs some of the tranq darts, should we need them
(2:43:36 AM) ***Moonraiser still does not move
(2:44:04 AM) ***Werewolf-Hunter getsa handgun out
(2:44:08 AM) ***Vagrant breathes in, and lets out a soulful sigh, letting Moon's body fall against the tree, if he's not healing, he probabl never will.
(2:44:15 AM) ***Werewolf-Hunter fires in accuratly in the were's general directio
(2:44:17 AM) Werewolf-Hunter:
(2:44:21 AM) ***Moonraiser is still. Silent.
(2:44:22 AM) Werewolf-Hunter:
(2:44:42 AM) ***Howlitzer feels a bullet graze his arm
(2:44:56 AM) ***Howlitzer spins around and glares at Werewolf-Hunter
(2:45:17 AM) ***Werewolf-Hunter reloads
(2:45:22 AM) ***Howlitzer aims the tranq gun again and shoots at Were-Hunter
(2:45:29 AM) ***Vagrant isn't sure what to do, he seems to be lost in thought, and rolling tides of emotion that that. He simply sits there, hunched over the unmoving body of Moon, silent... so silent.
(2:45:33 AM) ***Howlitzer shoots again
(2:45:53 AM) ***Werewolf-Hunter is hit and starts to lose motar skills but fires another burst of shots at Howlitzer before he falls
(2:46:21 AM) ***Howlitzer gets hit in the chest twice
(2:46:29 AM) ***Howlitzer falls over on his face
(2:46:34 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:46:40 AM) Werewolf-Hunter:
*is out in the open asleep*
(2:46:57 AM) Werewolf-Hunter:
(How fast can handguns fire out of interest?)
(2:47:02 AM) Moonraiser:
Then, suddenly,
(2:47:08 AM) Moonraiser:
the seemingly dead Moonraiser yells loudly, while at the same time laughing.
(2:47:11 AM) ***Howlitzer still doesn't move
(2:47:19 AM) Werewolf-Hunter:
(2:47:28 AM) ***Vagrant isn't fond of moving either, at this point, the whole forest seems still.
(2:47:34 AM) Vagrant:
( Dramatic pause! )
(2:47:45 AM) ***Moonraiser grabs Vagrants throat, tight as possible, then says:
(2:47:51 AM) Vagrant:
(2:47:57 AM) ***Howlitzer continues lying motionless with the tranq gun and darts scattered around him
(2:47:57 AM) Moonraiser:
(2:48:03 AM) Moonraiser:
To kill you all....
(2:48:30 AM) Werewolf-Hunter:
(2:48:32 AM) Moonraiser:
Moonraiser takes his hands back to his head and twists it in place
(2:48:46 AM) ***Werewolf-Hunter the sound of police cars come near
(2:48:48 AM) ***Moonraiser falls against the tree...
(2:48:52 AM)
Werewolf-Hunter is now known as Police
(2:49:00 AM) ***Police police rush into the scene
(2:49:11 AM) ***Vagrant is frozen with horror, unable to do anything as he watches the situation unfold in front of him, he has no idea what to say, he tries to say... something, but it just dies in his throat.
(2:49:27 AM) Police:
Police: DON'T MOVE!
(2:49:30 AM) ***Howlitzer is still seemingly dead, face down, with a tranq gun and darts at his side and two bullet holes through his chest
(2:49:39 AM) ***Vagrant hears the approaching Policia, he manages to jar himself back to sense enough to shift to Human just before they arrive.
(2:49:48 AM) ***Moonraiser slowly breaths in and out, unaware of the police coming...
(2:49:50 AM) Police:
(2:49:53 AM) ***Howlitzer is still in gestalt
(2:49:57 AM) ***Police looks at Vagrant
(2:50:01 AM) Police:
What are these things?
(2:50:14 AM) Vagrant:
I don't know, what would -you- say they are?
(2:50:25 AM) Police:
Werewolves but they can't be rea
(2:50:25 AM) Police:
(2:50:37 AM) Police:
Officer: *Order extra backup surrport*
(2:50:47 AM) Vagrant:
Of course they can't, so think again...
(2:50:50 AM) ***Howlitzer regains consciousness, but does not move when he hears the police
(2:51:00 AM) ***Vagrant slowly walks away from the scene, trying to close ground between himself and the officer.
(2:51:07 AM) Moonraiser:
ha ha ha HA HA HA *cough* *cough*
(2:51:20 AM) ***Howlitzer quietly grabs the tranq gun and darts from his side
(2:51:23 AM) Moonraiser:
What happened...?
(2:51:32 AM) ***Moonraiser passes out
(2:51:34 AM) ***Howlitzer continues lying motionless
(2:51:35 AM) Police:
I said don't move
(2:51:41 AM) Vagrant:
I take it you'll... want a statement?
(2:51:47 AM) Police:
*Police officers surround the weres*
(2:51:49 AM) ***Vagrant slows his pace.
(2:51:52 AM) Police:
Damn right I will
(2:51:55 AM) Police:
(2:52:03 AM) ***Vagrant stands on the spot.
(2:52:14 AM) ***Howlitzer stands up suddenly and shoots all the officers twice each with tranq darts in the neck
(2:52:14 AM) Vagrant:
Then, how's this?
(2:52:16 AM) Police:
*handcuffs Vagrant*
(2:52:20 AM) Police:
(2:52:24 AM) ***Howlitzer bolts
(2:52:26 AM) ***Moonraiser wakes, but remains still...
(2:52:29 AM) Police:
*several fire back inaccuratly at Howlitzer*
(2:52:33 AM) ***Vagrant grins.
(2:52:39 AM) Police:
*bullets fly through the air*
(2:52:40 AM) Vagrant:
A statement?
(2:52:42 AM) Vagrant:
(2:52:55 AM) ***Howlitzer doubles around and gets the officers from behind with more tranq darts
(2:53:00 AM) ***Vagrant nudges himself against the nearest police officer, and quickly shifts into quad, using the confusion to run from the scene.
(2:53:15 AM) ***Police the sound of rotars is heard from above*
(2:53:15 AM) ***Vagrant snags Moon's arm in his teeth as he moves past him.
(2:53:24 AM) ***Police more police seem to come
(2:53:24 AM) ***Howlitzer then tackles one of the police officers and bites him in the arm, HARD, but not lethally....
(2:53:25 AM) Vagrant:
C'mon rou!
(2:53:37 AM) ***Howlitzer then follows Vagrant
(2:53:39 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:53:40 AM)
outward left the room.
(2:53:45 AM) ***Moonraiser stands up, confused
(2:53:46 AM) ***Police copter follows Vagrant
(2:53:47 AM) Howlitzer:
that ought to make things more interesting....I bit one of them
(2:53:56 AM) Vagrant:
Rou did?!
(2:53:59 AM) ***Police several shots coem from behind
(2:54:05 AM) Police:
(2:54:07 AM) Moonraiser:
You...let him live...?
(2:54:13 AM) ***Vagrant lets go of Moonraiser, leaving him to run for himself.
(2:54:33 AM) Police:
(Do police helicopters have any form of weapon on them?)
(2:54:42 AM) Howlitzer:
where are you guys going to, Vagrant?
(2:54:53 AM) ***Moonraiser feels something different, something he can't explain......
(2:55:01 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:55:03 AM) Vagrant:
I have no clue, away from here?!
(2:55:13 AM) ***Vagrant is simply running for the moment, as men with guns are behind him.
(2:55:14 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:55:16 AM) Vagrant:
Any suggestions?
(2:55:35 AM) Howlitzer:
commandeer a vehicle
(2:55:38 AM) Howlitzer:
somewhere >.>
(2:55:41 AM) Vagrant:
Lead on, then!
(2:55:46 AM) ***Howlitzer continues running with Vagrant
(2:55:55 AM) Howlitzer:
we need to find one
(2:55:59 AM) ***Moonraiser turns towards the remaining police by the car...
(2:56:10 AM)
Bluewolf [Ciaran@F7EBF5D9.8BD2A30C.A2AC975.IP] entered the room.
(2:56:33 AM) ***Vagrant falls into step behind Howlitzer, keeping his senses alert for any of the usual indicators that automobiles leave on the environment.
(2:56:33 AM) Bluewolf:
(2:56:44 AM) ***Bluewolf copter keeps persuing
(2:56:46 AM) ***Moonraiser sees one lay bleeding to death, and one that had been bitten...
(2:56:49 AM) Bluewolf:
(2:57:03 AM) Vagrant:
Wait, where's Moon gone?!
(2:57:03 AM) ***Bluewolf police surround Moonraiser
(2:57:08 AM) Bluewolf:
(2:57:11 AM) ***Howlitzer turns around
(2:57:15 AM) Vagrant:
(2:57:16 AM) Howlitzer:
he went back to the police
(2:57:19 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:57:21 AM) Howlitzer:
and the one I bit
(2:57:23 AM) Vagrant:
We can't go back for him now!
(2:57:27 AM) ***Moonraiser laughs
(2:57:30 AM) ***Bluewolf police tazer Moonraiser
(2:57:43 AM) ***Howlitzer spots a nice army truck by the house he got the tranq darts from
(2:57:43 AM)
Police left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
(2:57:48 AM) ***Moonraiser is not effected by the tazer
(2:57:50 AM) Howlitzer:
over there! Vagrant!
(2:57:55 AM) ***Howlitzer runs to the army truck
(2:57:59 AM) Moonraiser:
You think that will stop me eh?
(2:58:00 AM) ***Bluewolf starts shooting Moonraiser
(2:58:08 AM) ***Vagrant nods at Howlz, having picked up the nasty scent of truck too, he kicks his feet harder against the ground in an effort to move faster, bursting into the best sprint he's able to manage.
(2:58:25 AM) Howlitzer:
you know how to hotwire?
(2:58:32 AM) Vagrant:
I have the vaguest of ideas.
(2:58:35 AM) Moonraiser:
Bullets bounce into Moonraiser, only to be popped out, replaced by fresh skin
(2:58:36 AM)
Bluewolf is now known as copter
(2:58:47 AM) copter:
Oh dear
(2:58:49 AM) copter:
(2:58:50 AM) copter:
I am going to bed now
(2:58:52 AM) copter:
See you
(2:59:03 AM) ***Howlitzer watches as one of the copters goes go bed
(2:59:11 AM) Howlitzer:
well, that was weird
(2:59:12 AM) ***Vagrant leaps into the truck, and shifts to gestalt as he reaches the seat. He tears off part the dashboard and starts tinkering with the wires inside.
(2:59:14 AM) Vagrant:
(2:59:18 AM) Howlitzer:
quick get this thing started!
(2:59:18 AM) Vagrant:
The copters just went to bed?
(2:59:24 AM) Howlitzer:
one of them did O.o
(2:59:24 AM) copter:
!quoteadd (3:03:24 AM) ***Howlitzer watches as one of the copters goes go bed
(2:59:30 AM) Fenrir:
Quote 287: (3:03:24 AM) ***Howlitzer watches as one of the copters goes go bed
(2:59:39 AM) ***Vagrant starts combining wires, twisting wires, and doing all sorts of things, electrocuting himself twice before starting the vehicle.
(2:59:40 AM) copter:
OK see you all
(2:59:43 AM) Vagrant:
Ow,, ow, oooh.
(2:59:43 AM) copter:
Its bee fun
(2:59:47 AM) ***Howlitzer winces
(2:59:48 AM) Vagrant:
( It has. )
(2:59:53 AM) Howlitzer:
(2:59:57 AM) ***Howlitzer jumps in
(2:59:58 AM)
copter left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving.).
(3:00:00 AM) Vagrant:
...I don't know how to drive.
(3:00:01 AM) Howlitzer:
where off to?
(3:00:03 AM) Howlitzer:
(3:00:04 AM) ***Vagrant shifts over to the passenger seat.
(3:00:09 AM) ***Howlitzer floors it
(3:00:30 AM) ***Howlitzer drives out of town like a bat out of hell, away from the scene
(3:00:40 AM) Howlitzer:
you think they'll follow?
(3:00:52 AM) Howlitzer:
or keep busy with Moon back there?
(3:00:59 AM) Vagrant:
I don't think so... but I don't feel good about Moon, when we get back, we're going to have to have a long talk about that with the others.
(3:01:11 AM) Howlitzer:
what happened anyway with him?
(3:01:16 AM) Vagrant:
They're hunters, like us, they're satisfied with their catch for now.
(3:01:20 AM) Vagrant:
I don't know.
(3:01:29 AM) Vagrant:
Last I heard was maniacal laughter as he tore into them.
(3:01:49 AM) Howlitzer:
yeah....what should we do about the officer I bit >.>
(3:02:00 AM) Howlitzer:
how do you think that'll work out?
(3:02:08 AM)
Moonraiser left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(3:02:17 AM) Vagrant:
He'll have to find his own way, he'll have to make a difficult decision, and I'm sure we'll find out what it is soon eough, one way or the other.
(3:02:35 AM) ***Howlitzer wonders what Moonraiser did back there
(3:02:48 AM) ***Vagrant drops his head and lets out a sigh, actually drifting off into a light sleep, exhausted after the day's events.
(3:02:49 AM) Howlitzer:
(wait did he just leave?)
(3:02:53 AM) Vagrant:
(3:02:58 AM) Howlitzer:
(3:03:02 AM) ***Howlitzer pulls over
(3:03:02 AM) Vagrant:
(Okay then... rescuing him is going to be for Act II.)
(3:03:04 AM) Vagrant:
(3:03:13 AM) Howlitzer:
(alrighty then)
(3:03:19 AM) Howlitzer:
(to be continued?)
(3:03:24 AM) Vagrant:
To be continued.
(3:03:30 AM) Vagrant:
I'm almost tempted to drop this into a thread.
(3:03:35 AM) Howlitzer:
(3:03:43 AM) Howlitzer:
along with my confused, random entrance
(3:03:44 AM) Howlitzer:
(3:03:45 AM) Vagrant:
Think I should, just for laughs?
(3:03:51 AM) Vagrant:
All of it!
(3:03:51 AM) Howlitzer:
o ya
(3:03:52 AM) Howlitzer:
(3:03:59 AM) Vagrant:
Even, this, probably.
(3:04:03 AM) Howlitzer:
(3:04:03 AM) Vagrant:
So... any final lines?
(3:04:15 AM) Howlitzer:
kids, never cook bacon in the nude.
(3:04:17 AM) Howlitzer:
(3:04:25 AM) Vagrant:
That'll do nicely. RP ends.
(3:04:25 AM) Howlitzer:
(3:04:33 AM) Vagrant:
There, it's copy and paste time!
(3:04:36 AM) Howlitzer:

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Re: Role play from Pack Chat - Let Meditating Wolves Lie

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Wish I'd been there...
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