A new beginning

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A new beginning

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her(human) body laid limp and soaked on her back on the shore of a rushing river her long dark brown hair swirled around her pale face and her clothes were shredded and blood stained

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Re: A new beginning

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OOC: is this thing still going?

Name: Raven Conall
Age: Immortal for 3 centuries, but acts and looks 14 most of the time
Race: Hybrid Demon/Werewolf

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To live the life I live, as a polymorphic old soul trapped within a teenage body, is very hectic. I am not normal, nor will I ever be. Don't try to control me, seeing as I will be defiant and do things my own way. I am passionate about roller skating and wakeboarding, those are my outlets. I try to stay out of trouble, most of the time it works.(;

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