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Posted: Sat Mar 22, 2014 1:25 pm
by DinmaMorningStar
I am not used to forums, so please pardon my awkwardness. I'd like if if everyone could know me as Dinma. I'm a dire wolf therian, and the only other therian I've been able to meet outside of the internet is my beloved sister, and self-assigned beta (I guess it was just her natural wolf instincts to find the hierarchy in our relationship, seeing me as her alpha and herself my beta of our little two-person pack :lol: ), Lonela. I'm a pagan priestess, and naturally I am very close with the roman wolf goddess Acca Larenta (Luperca). I'm an artist and author, and am in desperate need for some other wolf friends, my brothers and sisters :D
Pleasure to meet you all!
-Dinma :howl:  :oo

Re: Hello

Posted: Sat Mar 22, 2014 2:49 pm
by Volkodlak
Hi DinmaMorningStar nice meeting you, but i need too tell you that we may not be right pack for you here are werewolf fans who discuss movies, books, tv series and artists,directors and writers who promote and share their work with other members here, but here we also talk about werewolfs and our view of them.


Re: Hello

Posted: Sun Mar 23, 2014 11:14 pm
by DinmaMorningStar
Thanks for the head-up :) I'll keep that in mind.