I don't believe

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I don't believe

Post by Richard »

My name is Richard, you may call me M.J if it suits you. The title is pretty self-explanatory, I find belief to be an archaic form of thinking, I do not believe in a grand many things. However, that is a two way street, We, me, you, them, cannot prove our beliefs, it is not a fact that Werewolves do not exist, nor is it a fact that they do exist, it is simply belief on both sides, argue this you might, but the simple fact is that you cannot prove either way, we can use the same argument with religion, and we yield the same results.

Do I personally believe? That's hard to say, my entire life people have been saying that I remind them of a Wolf, how I act, my build is quite beastial in truth and my features tend to be akin to a Wolf, my striking blue eyes, overly haired body and ofcourse how I interact within a group, I do prefer animals over people. Do I believe I'm a werewolf? No, not really, do I wish I had the ability to punch through walls, regenerate my body and stop aging? Ofcourse, who wouldn't want that.

The reason I am here is to find out more information about Wolves, Werewolves and anything else on that subject in general, I'm not interested in people claiming to be a Werewolf or Wolf in a human's body, all I'm interested in is furthering my knowledge base so that I can fill the pages of that book. Obviously anything you contribute cannot be accurate as ofcourse you're not a Werewolf, nor do you know one.

The chances of me finding any information of value is quite low however as your rule about meeting people from here makes it hard, afterall, when someone claims to be a Werewolf in real life you can physically see them lying, not to mention I could probably wrestle an actual Werewolf to the ground as my body type is that of a Rugby player or "Football" player.

What I seek is true knowledge and ultimately if anything does exist in the metaphysical realms regarding Werewolves, Obviously I myself would want to become one. Not only are there practical applications for this, for example becoming a fire fighter and such, you'd be the best god damn fire fighter in existence. You could also use these abilities for more childish aspirations, like becoming a Hero or super villain, think about it.

I've had many Sociopaths online try to control me through metaphysical stuff so I understand your ruling on banning people that claim Werewolves are real, Please note that I have not said they are real, I've merely stated that it is not a fact, simply your belief.

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Re: I don't believe

Post by BewareTheFullMoon »

Hi Richard, welcome to the forums!

I'm fairly new here myself, although my reasons for joining are a bit different than yours. I'm simply here to discuss all things werewolf! 8)

Your post was a little confusing to me. What sort of werewolf information are you looking for? Information you get out of werewolf lore from various cultures is going to differ greatly with what you might find in a Hollywood movie. Sadly, there is no way that I know of to physically transform into a wolf and back again and if you are looking for people that claim to have this ability you are probably not going to find it here. I do disagree with you, however, when you say your chances of finding information of value here are low. A quick look through many of the threads here will show that there are a lot of members here that know quite a bit about werewolves. :D

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Re: I don't believe

Post by Meeper »

Hello and welcome, Richard.

I think you're probably right, that finding accurate information on genuine occurrences of werewolves in any version of reality will be unlikely (as the none existent as the fabled beasts themselves, but that's just me). This forum does however offer pickings harvested from a broad mushy spectrum of brains, for whatever it's worth.

Good luck.

Lastly, bullishly claiming to know or be a werewolf can get you banned form this forum, especially claims evidently based on works of fiction, unless the claim comes with adequate proof. Proof is an interesting topic, since I for one know of and accept several concepts of what a werewolf could be. To most people's mind, a werewolf is what the movies or history books say. To my mind a werewolf doesn't have to shapeshift, be oddly allergic to anything, or any of the usual gamut I generally chalk up to rampant speculation that somehow became gospel. When you break it down, a "man-wolf" can be any permutation of one wolf component and one human component.

As such, werewolves could conceivably exist for a variety of technically plausible reasons, some of them inherently difficult or maybe even impossible to detect, where there is no sprouting of hair and fangs in people, or human traits emerging in a wolf (the latter can equally be called a werewolf in my book) to clue people in. It should be noted I am not making a case for the existence of undetectable werewolves, simply citing one of several types of werewolf that could potentially exist and be called a werewolf on technically legitimate grounds. The fact that a none transforming werewolf might never be detected is its own can of worms I don't care to get into, that problem exists for other things too, like extra terrestrial life.

Anyway I'm done rambling, seeya around.

The Meeper.
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Re: I don't believe

Post by Grey »

We can help as best as we can.
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