I'm new and intoducting myself

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Additional Details: I am a human but I want to become a werewolf I'm also looking for a pack.

I'm new and intoducting myself

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Hello, my name is Shadow Wolfess Bloodymoon I'm 16 years old I'm not a werewolf but I wish to become one. I'm fun,funny,loyal,curious,trustworthy,caring,friendly,helpful, and very creative. I believe in the supernaturals and I wish to become a werewolf I've made my mind up and wish to become one.But all the spells I tried failed,which doesn't surprise me since I got them from youtube. I am also seeking a pack who accepts humans. I live in Montana and my hobbies are: drawing,singing,and writing. I don't have many friends but its alright with me. Well, please contact me if you wish.
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Re: I'm new and intoducting myself

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Hello, Shadow Wolfess Bloodymoon, welcome to the pack.

Feel free to lurk around for a while, or chew over some of the discussions if you wish.

The community here is generally accepting, it's just a fan site really. Originally our founder, patron, and megaphone wielding water balloon target Anthony Brownrigg arranged this forum for werewolf fans to tell him how to make a werewolf movie. For the most part people adopt wolf personas for fun, I do know some of the people that came here from other communities, a few dragons, wolves, assortment of big kitties, and also some who take things perhaps more seriously, but in the end it still comes out as a persona projected on the internet, and for some also in their daily lives.

Personally I do think becoming a werewolf, the physical transformation from a human to a wolf or hybrid, is possible, but only as a technicality, and not in the way most people imagine, or indeed want it to be. The spells and incantations are either people just having fun, or seriously blowing smoke in their own eyes. I said I think it's possible, someone is going to have to find a way to make it happen. Mumbo jumbo won't cut it, but I believe science actually might.

At the risk of sounding like a boring old grown up trying to sucker you into making something of your life, I think the only way to do it is educate the living daylights out of yourself, become an ace at something medical or biology related, and get funding to R&D a transformation project. Of course the chances of that happening is in pipe dream territory, not because I think it's impossible, but because the only people with the power to make it happen aren't interested in making it happen. If that day ever comes to pass, we may get werewolves. I won't be holding my breath though.

Well, I'm tired, I'll end there. Seeya around.

The Meeper.
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