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TL;DR: Updates

Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 3:46 am
by Garnu_Thorn
Clear greetings,

This may sound strange, someone who still believes in shapeshifting returning to a media site. ;p
Anyways, I'm mainly here to see if this board could use an outlet to send some of the "believers" elsewhere, as I came, went, and came back again myself...

Over the past seven years, well, lets just say I re-embraced old roots, and roots I never knew about.

Mainly about media, too; I just didn't come back for [s]taking over the board[/s] as I still have my own forum to code, but Facebook suits, and Discord saves everything. After I left, lets just say I reprogrammed my own mind and want to make something of myself, came across a video maker, meshed with as many artists I could, got into video editing, and now I just have this vision to bring a program to license out, once I learn enough Java.

Besides, what good does it do to continue to practice shapeshifting if I didn't go elsewhere in my life.

Oh, and to get a 3 hour video rendered is no small feat, either. Since we are already brinking into the virtual, I will need an engine and simulator for other purposes, too.

No, I don't plan to recruit physical shapeshifters, to capture that, as many of my prototype capture devices already do that, and, I'm not afraid to use myself in most of the video.

Oh, and for the sound? I can grab that using the same prototypes.

Now back to my story. Since I left, I've been setting my stage magically. As for shapeshifting, I've been astralling, while awake. Ever watch "Total Recall?" That about sums that up, once my book is complete, feel free to read it, once I'm "accepted" here again. Right now I get little sleep, or as much as I want, until this book is complete. While that happens, I have devices to combine, to capture shapeshifting and render it for the safety of the shapeshifters.

Don't get me started on my own religion, and a lot of my writings are time stamped. I must close this ramble, disjointed, but once I'm on the right med again to continue.....catch me in my own discord channel, or just hit me up here, there....well, after my smoke.