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The Final War: gaming thread

Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2010 11:30 pm
by Miguel
Date: March 17, 2024
Time: 6:28 PM
Location: South Section, Nova Washington

"When people die, others are born to replace them."

That's what Dmitri said to me the night before he was killed with the others. At the time, I believed him, thought he was right. We all did. To us, Dmitri was a saint. He was the one who rescued us from the hell that had been our lives years before.

Life hadn't been too good to me before I met him. My parents were dead, and frankly, well, living on the streets wasn't exactly the life people dreamed of. I had been a petty-criminal, run with the wannabe thugs that ran the streets, that kept me alive. It didn't pay much, but I survived, just survived, barely; I ran with them until my fifteenth birthday. Then, they "had enough of me", or so they said. I was left on the streets to rot, and for a couple days I starved.

The day Dmitri found me, I was half beaten and bloody. In exchange for helping him, he would give me food and shelter, an offer too good to refuse. So, I helped him.

After six months, he had taught me how to use a blade and how to fire a gun with flawless percision. It was then that I killed my first target, a traitor to the group. His name was Rich. For at least five minutes, the man begged for his life, begged me. Then I shot him. Dmitri claimed that I did the right thing, but I knew I hadn't.

A couple months later, the war broke out, first between Europe and Russia, and then the US got involved. A week later, the bombs fell. People panicked. Innocents died. Chicago was nearly empty within two days. Dmitri said that we should stay. So we did.

A bunch of us died from hunger, but Dmitri refused to leave. Then the government panicked and began searching the city for him; they claimed he was tied to the Eastern Union. Eventually the military found him and killed him. Again, I had nowhere to go.

Five years and twelve cities later, I found my way here, to Nova Washington, the so called gates of prosperity. My first stop was a bar called Paradox, a place that I looked for work. Little did I know that the government didn't watch that part of town anymore. It was a living hell, full of every misfit and criminal the city had. Within minutes of my arrival, I was in a fight with a couple of trouble-makers that had found an interest in my gun. They fought, and they lost. It was the first time I had actually used my fighting skills in a real battle.

To my advantage, the head of a security corporation was standing nearby. He claimed that he was impressed by my fighting skills and wanted to hire me. I accepted the job.

Now, three years later, here I am.

I've been asssigned work to protect some flaunty private company called Ribo-Corp, and the work isn't too bad. The building's located in the heart of Nova Washington, about an hour's walk from the government building. From the outside, it looks like an overcleaned concrete block, and honestly, I've never seen the inside. People only enter. They never leave. And it's always the same tired-looking people, the kind that only sleep and work.

Truthfully, though, we all look like that. Not many of us see the light of day unless the government approves opening the park for twenty minutes or so, and in that case you can't get in because too many people jam into the park. The only ones that ever get to see the surface on a normal basis are the government troops, and they usually never come back.

These trips usually spread rumors among the seven million people living down here. Some of them are just rediculous, but the most interesting rumors are the ones about werewolves, not that I believe in them or anything. The government always turns them down, though, and claims that no such things exist. Maybe it would be better if they did exist, though. It would allow a change in life for once.

I've talked to a few of Ribo-Corp's private security people and they claim that werewolves do exist. They even claim that they're looking for them, trying to build a super-soldier or something.

There's a ruckus nearby. A change in routine would be nice, so I think I'll go investigate.

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Posted: Mon May 03, 2010 10:19 pm
by DWDruid
"Stop you whinning and hand it over, freak!"

I almost growled in my blind fury. This human filth and his pathetic little 'gang' noticed my silver pendant and thought they could just take it! I didn't even like the silver, aways burning and irritating my skin, but Alpha said that it would increase my resistance to the cursed metal. These petty thieves were distracting me from my mission. I growled a warning to them, "Beware fools, you do not know with what you are dealing with."

"Whatever, you don't scare me." cried the obvious leader, "Travis! Dane! Hold the son of a b**** down and take his pretty little necklace!

"Human slime." I muttered as his two biggest men came to restrain me. But Alpha trained me to never know fear. Quicker than any human eye could possibly hope to see, I rushed at the aproaching humans. Fast as lightning, I unsheathed my claws and slashed at their sides. As they fell, the others saw the flowing blood and one screamed "He's got knives!"

"Kill him!" the leader cried out. Immediantly they pulled out simple hand guns from under their coats, but again I was too fast. One had barely grabbed his weapon before I jabbed my fist into his stomach, knocked him out with a blow to the neck, and pushed him to the ground. As another minion made to strike me,my claws were up in a flash, completely severing his arm. Blood gushed out of the stump as he shrieked in pain, but I silenced him by crushing his head on a nearby brick wall. Behind me, I could the leader pulling the trigger of his firearm. I didn't have time to react physicaly, so I instead reached out with my mind. Sensing the flying bullet, I 'pushed' harmlessly ito the ground between us. Before he could react, I picked him up by his neck with one hand while I crushed the gun with my other. I was about to slice his throat, when I heard footsteps coming. Not wanting to draw attention to myself, I threw the thief into a dumpster and sprinted off into the alley's shadows.

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Posted: Tue May 04, 2010 11:27 pm
by Miguel
For a moment, the noise seems to stop, almost as quickly as it began. Obviously whoever is causing trouble doesn't want me to find them. Then theres a bang as something hits the metal dumpster nearby. Typical. It's probably a group of vandals protesting Ribo-Corp's practices, and honestly I don't care. I hardly know anything about the damned company as it is. If the company has a problem with it, they can use their own "security group".

I turn the corner and quickly realize it is much more than a group of vandals. In fact, it looks more like a massacre. There's blood everywhere, bodies and limbs too. The person responsible clearly has had a fair share of experience with fighting. Strange. Things like this don't usually happen in this part of town.

Then there's a noise from the dumpster. Something is moving inside it, a person. I lift my gun.

"Get on the ground," I scream, pointing my gun at the stumbling person.
"You would be an idiot to shoot me," the man replies to me, beginning to climb out of the dumpster.
"And why's that?" I question, pulling the safety of my gun.
"Because I'm not even the one responsible. One of those were-things attacked me and my fellow business associates."
I look towards the mauled bodies and then reply, "They don't look like business associates."
"We just got off work."
"You didn't. I've seen how people act around these parts. You aren't from here, are you?"
"Okay," the man smirks and spoke, "you got me. We aren't from around here. Honestly, though, why does that matter?"
"Because right now you equal trouble."
"Listen, buddy, you can do one of two things. Either, you can let me go and act like nothing happened or I'll have to kill you."
"You got quite the mouth to threaten the person that has you at gunpoint."
The man reaches for something behind his back. "You have until three. Either you can help me or get the hell out of my way. One...Two..."

Something tells me to fire my gun, so I do. The world roars, and within seconds the man is on the ground, dead. It doesn't bother me though. He was trouble.

I lower my gun back into the holster and make my way towards the nearby alley. I'll need to use a payphone to call for a clean-up crew.

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Posted: Wed May 05, 2010 3:12 pm
by DWDruid
After the brisk run, I stopped at a nearby puddle to wash away the body on my hands. Although I loved the taste of blood, slimeballs like those would make me gag. As I finished up, I could once again hear approaching footsteps. Since I was distracted by the thieve this time, I breathed in the ever increasing scent. Human, male, between 20-30 years old, a calm demeanor and OH, dangerous, interesting! "This one could be fun!" I thought to myself. But Alpha wouldn't want me to blow my cover so early in the mission, and bodies are hard to hide. I looked around and except for a nearby box-machine humans call a phone, there was no place to run. The only other option was to hide. There was a darkened corner of the alleyway behind the puddle which I could blend into. My pale human skin would be a dead giveaway though, so after adjusting my clothes I shifted to my were form. My black fur would greatly help in hiding me from weak human eyes. From the safety of the shadows, I watched without a sound as the human rounded the corner and entered the alley.

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Posted: Wed May 05, 2010 8:34 pm
by Miguel
Besides the payphone, the alleyway is relatively abandoned. I can see a few neon signs lighting up the opposite entrance, but besides that there is nothing. Honestly, I'm surprised the city police force hasn't come to investigate the gunshot. People in these parts tend to be the worried type, the kind that become suspicious of the smallest abnormality; they're the kind that call for the police right away. I need to move, though. Soon the bodies will attract a crowd.

Hesitantly, I make my way into the glass phonebooth and leave the door open. I'm not a big fan of small spaces. Above me, the light flickers in a bizzare pattern, long overdue for maintainance. Hell, I hope the phone works. If it doesn't, I don't know what I'll do.

I count out my change. $1.17. The call's ten cents a minute. I'll need to be brief. Then I make the call. There's a distant ringing sound.

"Hello?" an angered voice speaks on the other end.
"Is this Ribo-Corp security?" I question.
"Who wants to know?"
"Michael Young. I'm working gate security."
"Yeah, yeah. Whaddaya want, kid?"
"I need a clean-up crew outside."
"What for?"
"There was an incident a few minutes ago."
"What kind of incident?"
"One that involves bodies."
"Who did it?"
"The guy who did it is dead, but he said something about were-creatures."
"Where at?"
"Next to the building, in the courtyard."
"I'll send a squad out."
"Okay, thanks," I speak, quickly hang up the phone, and exit the booth.

A strange feelings overtakes me, one that makes me feel as if I am no longer alone. Yet there is nobody around. I then lean against the nearby wall. I don't want to be near the bodies when the cleanup crew shows up. The only reason they're helping is because I said something about "were-creatures".

Again, I feel as if there is something watching me, and again there is nothing but the phonebooth and shadows.

"Is someone there," I speak foolishly. Maybe it'll break the occurance.

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Posted: Wed May 05, 2010 9:17 pm
by DWDruid
Did the human find me, or was he just yelling out randomly. He's still looking around the alley but his eyes keep coming back to my shadowed corner. He probably just has a 'feeling' of me, but doesn't really see me.

Him talking into that machine gave me both hope and despair. He thinks the leader was the murderer of that gang so no one would become suspicious of something like me commiting the crime. But he mentioned werecreatures so maybe these humans knew more than we thought, more than they should. For the third time that night, I seriously considered killing him but decided against it.

Instead, I would just remain here and wait for him to leave as he turned away, I shifted the muscles in my neck to a more comfortable position. Suddenly the tight band I wore snapped, and my silver pendant fell to the ground. Before I could even grasp in with my mind, a small trinket clattered to the dirty floor and noisely rolled all the way to the blood filled puddle and stopped. I tensed up in preparation of the human's reaction.

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Posted: Wed May 05, 2010 10:43 pm
by Miguel
For a moment, I wait for a reply, but nothing responds. It's my imagination; it has to be. Years of being underground do these things to a person, even when there are fifty thousand other people with him. It isn't the same as being on the surface with the sun and sky. Sometimes the things of one's imagination seem real.

Suddenly, there's a ringing sound as something hits the ground nearby. A trinket of some sort. No longer do I think it's my imagination. Whoever...whatever is hiding here didn't want to be found.

I pull my gun from the holster on my belt and then aim it towards the shadows of the alley. Really, I have no idea where the item came from. I can only hope the person thinks I see him.

"I know you're there," I speak. "Show yourself."

Shadows are all around me. For all I know, the person could be beside me.

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Posted: Thu May 06, 2010 2:14 pm
by DWDruid
Damn it! He got me! If it wasn't for that acursed pendant! Calming down, I thought through my options. There was no place to run, no safe spot to hide, and killing the human would have to remain a last resort. Maybe if I confronted him, we both might leave unharmed? Having no other option, I shifted my form, adjusted my clothes, and stepped into the light. As he raised his gun at me I simply said without any emotion, "Can I help you with something?"

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Posted: Thu May 06, 2010 5:35 pm
by Thunderclaw
I walked over the barren wasteland of a land once know as "America." Now, all that remained was the stench of death. There was hardly any life above ground, in this area at least, but I knew of one nearby area that would have life. It was underground, so entry wasn't easy - for most people, that is. I pulled out the ultiminicon from a small backpack I had. Browsing through the pages, I found one for my needs. The teleportation would be relatively random, but in the right place. I'd have no clue where in the underground haven I'd find myself, whether in a side alley or the middle of Ribo-corp. I shuddered at the thought. Surge had told me of a time a sniper named Theoden tried to inflitrate it. He got through the gate, through the rooms, and into the first real guard. Had Surge's daughter not helped him, he'd have been dead. Rumour had it that beyond there, even the bravest souls I knew would tread carefully, so I would barely last a minute.

The spell had been instantaneous, and I hurriedly put the ultiminicon away, since it wouldn't be wise for others to see it. I gazed at my surroundings, getting a picture of just where I was. I seemed to be on top of a building, without many people around it. I could see the Ribo-corp building from my vantage point, so I knew i wasn't there, which was relieving. I took a step, and a feeling aroused me. Werewolf?! There's a werewolf here?! my initial confusion subsided to realisation of the stand-off below me. I hadn't been expecting to see a werewolf here, let alone standing off to a human. Rushing in now wouldn't be a good idea, so stepping back away from the edge, I chose the "wait and watch" approach. With a bit of magical enhancement, I could hear their communion, from a distance out of sight. In my position, I would be undetectable to both the man and werewolf, and they most probably consider my being there, since the feeling of another presence is most common when being looked at, which I wasn't doing, and when there are two people there, in tension towards each other, they pay less attention to their surroundings.

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Posted: Thu May 06, 2010 7:02 pm
by DWDruid
OOC: Just FYI Thunderclaw, I'm in my human form right now. So unless you could somehow magical 'sense' that I was a werewolf, I don't know how you could tell I was one.

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Posted: Thu May 06, 2010 7:10 pm
by Miguel
I watch as a person emerges from the shadows, completely fearless of my gun, and at the same time intimidating. I really didn't expect this to happen. Most leave when put to gunpoint, or at least stay hidden. I was hoping this person would be like them, would run. At the same time, it's funny, though, how he asks if he can help me with something, as if he hadn't scared the living hell out of me a minute ago.

Slowly, I back up a few feet, towards the glass phonebooth, and then lift my gun. I know I can't shoot him. It would draw too much attention to me. Ribo-Corp wouldn't be happy if they had more of a mess to clean up and would report me to the city forces.

"So, you been here this entire time?" I ask. "You saw what I did?"

I feel as if I am being watched from somewhere else. I peek around the alley's corner, but fail to see the cleanup crew. Maybe a security camera, or a passerby.

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Posted: Thu May 06, 2010 10:30 pm
by DWDruid
I gave a small laugh at the human's reaction. He was the one who was armed and (in his own mind) dangerous, yet he's the one who is feeling threatened.

Going back to his question I replied, "All I saw was you talking in that little phone over there. I have no business with you and you have no business with me. So if you don't mind, I will ake my leave."

Out of survial instinct and habit, I took I big breathe of my surrondings. Suddenly, I stopped. Somewhere, somewhere nearby, I could smell a sweetly sinister scent. I could sense a stench that reaked of anicent power and mystery. I could feel, MAGIC! Alpha always warned my about magic and its wielders. While my powers were unnatural, magic seepped from the very earth. With a magical being close at hand, my mission suddenly went into jeopardy.

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Posted: Thu May 06, 2010 11:54 pm
by Miguel
I begin taking my leave when I notice the sound of voices. One of them is the same voice I heard over the phone. The "cleanup" crew has arrived. Damn. Swiftly, I place my back against the wall and look around the corner. Five men, two of which are dressed in some sort of full body armor. All of them hold MP5s. They're showing up to get the were-creature, that's all. There is no cleanup crew.

I look back towards the stranger who also seems to detect a strange presence in the area.

"Do me a favor and stay hidden. If these guys find me, they'll mistake me for what they're looking for," I speak.

One of the lightly armored men in the courtyard lifts a cigarette to his mouth.

"Niko, you got a light?" he asks one of the other men, the oldest of the group.
"No. If you're gonna do that, do it away from me. That kills you, you know," the older man replies.
"Whatever. What exactly are we looking for anyway?" the smoking man asks.
"The thing that did this. Dr. Tellver is paying us a lot of cash to bring it into the lab."
"No. He's paying you a lot of cash. I'm still getting regular pay. Therefore, I'm not doing any work, and I'm taking a smoking break."
"Fine. Like I said, just don't smoke near me."

The man with the cigarette looks towards the alley that the stranger and I occupy, and for a minute I think he sees us. Then he begins walking towards us, casually though. He still isn't alerted. I place my back against the wall once more and look towards the stranger hastily.

"We have company. Either help me take this guy down, or hide."

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Posted: Fri May 07, 2010 10:47 am
by Thunderclaw
(OOC: like magic, werewolves have a specific "pattern" which can be used to detect them, so yeah, it was magic)

This situation seemed to be getting out of hand. Armed men were now nearby, no doubt from Ribo-corp. I'd rather they didn't hang around this area. Even if they weren't looking for me, they were...intimidating. I looked around, and found a small pebble. It could do the trick, but I had to do this properly.

Carefully, I approached the edge of the building. The armed guards weren't looking, so it had to be now. Throwing the pebble, I hit a dumpster, and created an illusion of a person around it after. The clang drew the guard's attention, as the illusion ran off round the corner of another alleyway.

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Posted: Sat May 08, 2010 4:20 pm
by silver1
Jenson roamed the baron wasteland,there was not much left alive,everywhere he looked he saw nothing but death. Bodies of countless soldiers littered the ground. He entered a forest that seemed to have survived the fighting,most in the area were dead from being burnt or broken.

As Jenson continued to walk he came to a wall that seemed to be protecting nothing,he knew that it was an underground city and that he would have some trouble getting in.

I was not long before Jenson found the entrance to the city,but it was being guarded by Two Ribo-corp security officers. He did not want to kill them if he did not have to,so he thought of a way to get them to leave thier post,or knock them out.

He decided that he would face them head on. "Hey!" he yelled,getting thier attention he rushed toward them,causing both of them to crash into the ground with enough force to knock them both out at once. "Well that was...easy." he quietly said to himself as he opened the door and walked inside closing the door behind him.

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Posted: Sun May 09, 2010 10:16 pm
by Miguel
A faint noise catches the approaching guard by surprise. He quickly turns around and begins running towards the noise as if he has seen something. Strange. The timing of the distraction is almost perfect. Whatever is doing this is definately trying to help us, or at least I want to think it is.

"It's over there," the older guard speaks and begins running after something. All of the guards begin following him.

Now's my chance to get the hell out of here. I don't trust leaving the stranger, though.

"You obviously aren't from here, so if I was you I would get out of here while I can. This whole area is going to be swarming with the city security in a few minutes. Your best bet is to head for the local metro station. That's where I'm headed. Feel free to join me if you want," I speak towards the stranger.

I can hear sirens in the distance. Already, the cops are on their way. Slowly, I turn away and begin making my way across the bloody courtyard, careful not to make any loud noises. At the end of the street, the metro's entrance glows in a flickering light. That's where I'm headed.

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Posted: Tue May 11, 2010 3:54 pm
by DWDruid
I retrieved my silver pendant and thought about what the human said. He was dangerous and could cause problems for my mission. On the other hand, he could prove to be a valuable ally and I could get some information about Ribo-corp (even if he didn't know he was). But then that smell of magic grew even stronger than before. I could tell that it was used recently and even left a clear trail. Following my nose, I located the scent radiating from a dark figure on a nearby rooftop. My eyes flashed their radiation green as I contemplated if I should deal with this unknown threat or not. After another moment of thought, I ran after and followed the human.

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Posted: Wed May 12, 2010 4:19 am
by Thunderclaw
Well, the illusion had worked better than I'd thought, but the werewolf had spotted me. As I could detect him, though being human, through using my magic, he could detect me. However, the human probably hadn't noticed, so the question was whether I should follow from a distance, or introduce myself. Sooner or later, the werewolf would probably tell the other if I did shadow them, or maybe even he'd notice himself. Could I communicate telepathically to him? I heard a siren in the distance. I didn't have th luxury of time to think things through. Following quickly, I thought on my feet the best way to deal with this.

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Posted: Wed May 12, 2010 6:53 pm
by Miguel
Slowly, I enter into the well lit hallway-like interior of the metro station's entrance. There isn't anybody around, it seems, which is good. Most people in this part of town usually return home around five-ish. The only ones that are ever seen after six are the business owners or overworked employees, but even they're a rare sight. If they're smart, they find another mode of transportation home. Naturally, the city's metro system is a lost cause, a complete waste of money. There's only so far a person can go in the five districts of Nova Washington. To get anywhere else, he or she will have to go to the surface, a place that I haven't seen for quite a few years.

I look behind me, realizing the stranger has followed. Funny. If he was innocent, he could have easily turned me in to the police or run away. I have a feeling that he has something to do with the deaths of those criminals. Then again, he could have easily killed me back there, but he chose not to. I'll need to keep my guard up, though. Dmitiri had taught me to never trust those outside the group, and his lessons never lie, or at least haven't lied yet.

Up ahead is a larger room. Benches line the entire right side of the room's walls, while the left side is occupied by a small booth with three glass window panels. A TV is mounted beneath the center panel, showing some sort of revolving emblem. I seat myself on one of the benches and wait for the stranger.

A song begins playing from the screen, and then a voice begins speaking, "Good people of Nova Washington, this is Ambassador Anderson speaking, reminding you that it will soon be our glorious city's birthday. However, due to recent speculations of fascist spies, festivities will be heavily monitored this year by well trained security personnel. There is no reason for panic. My only wish is that if you are stopped by a security officer, you comply with his requests. Have a nice day!"

The music stops and silence overtakes the room once more. I look towards the approaching stranger.

"So, it looks like you chose to join me." I can see flashing police lights at the entrance tunnel's beginning. "Looks like we made it here just in time."

"Don't mind me asking, but do you have a name?"

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Posted: Wed May 12, 2010 10:02 pm
by DWDruid
I followed the human to the strange and unnatural chamber. These 'stations' always gave me the creeps as my instincts rejected all they saw around me. The lights, the loud noices, the crouded area, they all confused me and made me nervous. But still, I would have to get used to places like this if my mission was to be a sucess.

At that point, I heard a loud anouncement from the humans' alpha. His rediculous speech made me want to laugh and vomit at the same time. Celebrating the existence of this polluted, disgusting, foul, 'glorious' hellhole was just to much. No wonder these pitiful creatures were detroying themselves.

When the human began speaking again, I studied him with strange interest. Names were meaningless, nothing but empty titles. Why on this god-forsaken earth would he want to know mine? My were-name would be a dead giveaway to my true nature, so I resorted to my given code name. "You may refer to me as Leon. Leon Duske. Nothing else.

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Posted: Wed May 12, 2010 10:49 pm
by Miguel
The one known as Leon acts as if he doesn't trust me, as if he is afraid of me giving something away, exposing him to something. Then again, he doesn't want to be found any more than I do, so I suppose it's fair game. Within seconds, I am standing once more, and then make my way to the ticket booth. The room on the other side of the glass is pitch black.

"Well, it's good to finally get to know your name, Leon," I speak, trying to find a way into the ticket booth. "My name's Mike Young."

I pull my gun from its holster and smash it against the glass panel. Within moments, the glass shatters allowing me to enter the room that was previously sealed off.

Swiftly, I jump over the counter, move towards a desk, and begin searching through its contents. I have found what I am looking for. Two plastic cards with small green bars printed on them. I quickly jump back over the counter and hold one of the cards towards Leon.

"Everything in the metro is automated. The train won't let us on unless we have these cards," I speak.

I begin walking down another corridor that seems to descend deeper into the earth. Advertisements line both sides of the corridor.

"So, Leon, what's your story? I mean, what brought you to Nova Washington?" I speak.

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Posted: Thu May 13, 2010 1:35 am
by Thunderclaw
I was still close behind, and could hear every word they were saying. It seemed like I'd need to get a card to go further. Hopefully I'd have time to get one when they moved on.

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Posted: Sat May 29, 2010 11:08 pm
by Miguel
For a moment, I wait for Leon's response but quickly realize he doesn't wish to tell me what I've asked about. I smirk.

"Not too talkative, I see. That's fine, I suppose. It's probably better that way. If one of us is captured, it won't matter," I speak, moving through the station's security scanner.

An alarm sounds as I move through, but becomes silent moments later. It doesn't matter. It's meant for daytime travel when security guards are actually on duty. Really, it's more of a distraction if anything. Nobody's around to hear it, so what difference does it make?

"Don't worry about the alarm. Nobody will hear it," I speak towards Leon, making my way towards the station platform up ahead.

The platform itself it completely abandoned besides a few roaches running across its center. Amazing. Even this far beneath the surface, roaches still manage to coexist with our species. Who would blame them, though? Most of the surface is messed up from the nukes.

Slowly, I seat myself on a bench situated beside the train tracks. The train's running late. It better get here soon or we're going to be in big trouble. I'm sure the police are already making their way towards the station. Damn. I can't risk returning to my apartment. Surely, they've sent a unit to watch for me since I'm not currently at my post.

Suddenly, I have this strange feeling, like someone is watching me again. I stand up and look down the corridor that Leon is standing in. There has to be someone else there.

"Hello?!" I scream down the corridor, hoping that whatever or whoever is watching us will reveal himself.

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Posted: Sun May 30, 2010 7:39 am
by Thunderclaw
I stopped and remained quiet for a while. Had he spotted me? Was he making a guess, or just trying to see if anyone was following? Most probably he instinctively felt as though he was being followed. I was silent a little bit longer, then exhaled.

Even if he hadn't spotted me, he would do eventually. Might as well introduce myself now.

I stepped forward, out of my position, into their line of site.
"Hi there. I have to say, your instinctual perception is pretty good in comparison to most people."

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Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2010 9:36 pm
by DWDruid
I watched as another male human approached us. Although he looked plain and unremarkable, it was his smell that interested me. The strench of magic totaly engolfed him like an arua, this was the same spellcaster from before! Another fact I took in was that the scent was very concentrated on a small area]of his person. Most likely a powerfuly magical artifact. It wield such an item, he must be at a higher than normal level with his magics. High enough to see me for what I really am! Fortunatly, there was no way for him to sense my other talents so held a small advantage. If possible, we would have to, 'talk', about who we were and what we were hiding. I didn't want to start any contact, but since the human loved to talk so much, I desided to let him speak first.