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Nightshade's Den

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:02 pm
by demonwithin
((Just give a brief summary of your character :) and enjoy))
~~This is placed in upper New York with our deep woods and mountains (Bet some of ya didn't know that) during summer time. Each wolf who joins state your rank under the alpha, be sure to check for others positions to see if what you want is open. There are 10 cabins in the woods each pack member has a home at one of them. Them alpha's cabin, in which the Beta's live with the alpha at. alpha's cabin not to be stayed at, but for visiting, you may visit at all hours. Enjoy yourselves!

~~ME hwlwnk
Dante: Wolf/ Alpha, pure black wolf, and biggest in the pack
Human form/ 6"3 long black hair, muscular build

Dante: *I run feeling the earth beneath my paws, run and feel one with my woods, my beast on edge, the alpha should make it to the circle before the full moon rises and as i run i can feel the moon light, guiding me, giving me light.
I hear the sounds of my pack, only miles away in the circle,
Each member restless, and on this full moon gathering i had news that would be inviting to almost all. My Pup is born
As i make it to the clearing I'm greeted by my pack*

Re: Nightshade's Den

Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 8:21 am
by SheWolf-94
Alexandria- tall muscular grey wolf.. female.. 9' 6" in wolf form, Beta of Dante's pack. smartalec of the pack and a rule inforcer...dark blue eyes
human form- 5'8" long black and grey hair, dark blue eyes.. pretty lupin creature/ no mate as of now...

me- " wow Dante, it took you a minute less than last time..." my thoughts trailed off as I gave my large alpha a wolfish grin.. He just looked around and growled deeply. I shook my massive wolf figure and chuffed out a short snort, " you could at least get your Scout here, he is being a bitt.. sketchy, if you will.. he is refusing to come to the circle tonight.. Hes mentaly harrasing me and the rest of your pack.." my tone was taking an edge to it as I relayed the young scout's thoughts.. Dante snarled harshly, hushing me. I yelped and submitted to my Alpha's tone.

(btw if anyone wants to be my mate later in the "story" private message me your idea)
p.s. my character is 23

Re: Nightshade's Den

Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2013 10:51 am
by demonwithin
I smirk at her, and sit down, head held high and amused "he's watching my new born, i've come to tell the pack of my newest pack member" i can hear the pride even in my own voice, "My mate will be at home for the hunt, she sends her regards to all, and wishes everyone in a fruitful hunt" i look to each member and see the same excitement and joy i had, had earlier

Re: Nightshade's Den

Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2013 5:30 pm
by Moonlight_Raven
Koda: Female wolf. Pure white fur with black paws. Bigger than most females, but Alexandria still towers over her. Light blue eyes.
Human form: 5"7, long straight pale blonde hair, light blue eyes, 24, no mate.

Koda: I pace in large circles in watching my pack mates wait anticipation of Dante’s arrival. My ears perk up hearing someone nearing the clearing. I turn to see my alpha enter the circle and I quickly sit with the others as he briefly addresses Alexandria. Judging by his demeanor he had good news for us tonight. As he starts his announcement my tail starts to slowly swish. I can feel the excitement in the pack flow from member to member. “Congratulations Alpha! Your pup is blessed to be born on a full moon!” I call out, itching to howl in celebration.

Re: Nightshade's Den

Posted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 11:26 am
by SheWolf-94
I smile at him but only half heartedly, i wish she were here. I needed someone to confide in, i was having trouble.
A wolf from another pack had been talking to me, only he screwd me over and i was lonley again.. i was getting to the birthing age but i needed a mate despiratly. I caught Dante looking at me and snapped out of my own pitty party, ready to hunt with my Alpha.