Cooking recipes, and various other food related stuffs. Hey, a wolf's gotta eat.
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White sauce instead of the marinara
Black olives
Grilled chicken
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You know what? I just read back through this thread and hit on the lamb pizza post.

We're having an "end of the show season" BBQ potluck at the barn on Saturday, I think I'll make a lamb stromboli to bring. Can't decide on whether to go Moroccan or tandoori, though...
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Pepperoni, onions, ricotta, and sauce is my favorite kind of pizza. lck lck lck
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Any kind of Meat Lovers pizza. :D

But I like mushrooms, artichokes and chicken on pizza too. Yummm!

Man, this section is making me so hungry.
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Re: pizza

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Who does the best pizza:
It's curious someone mentioned Chicago, I just recently discovered a frozen pizza brand called Chicago Town, hands down the best pizzas I've ever had (on par with another frozen pizza who's name sadly escapes me, the one and only pizza I've ever had with black olives!). My introduction to pizza was a trip to Pizza-Hut, which frankly left me wondering what all the fuss was about, it was bland, even to a food junkie like me :| .

Favourite toppings:
Ham and pineapple.
Black olives (on any pizza *drools*).
Anything described as "meat feast" *grin*.

Only had thin and deep pan, but I enjoy both equally.

Bottom line:
No soggy, burnt, or bland bases, no excessive cheese, cheese needs to be golden brown, sausage/meat needs to be lightly crisped, no excess oiliness, do this and I'll probably love the pizza :) .

The Meeper.
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