Ze Munchies Wolf Priest Style

Cooking recipes, and various other food related stuffs. Hey, a wolf's gotta eat.
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Ze Munchies Wolf Priest Style

Post by wolfpriest »

Ok when I have the munchies I get:

1 T-Bone Steak
1 Bag of Tortilla Chips
2 Cans of Veg. Dip like the mexican kind (Mild)
1 Bottle of A-1 steak sauce
& a issue of time magizine

Here are the steps

1. cook the steak till its how u like it (medium rare <--my style)
2. cut the steak into little cubes that can fit on the chips
3. get a bowl and mix the A-1 sauce with the Veg. Mix
4. Put the steak cubes on the chips
5. dip steak chip into the crazy mix then put it in your mouth
6. Chew several times
7. swallow it
8. wipe your hands on the time magizine! (Fight The Power)
9. Repeat steps 4-8 untill they are all gone
[wolfpriest] T.T Save me from her
[cumulusprotagonist] How could I possibly do that/
[wolfpriest] uuh...magical mystical mind bullet?
[Mom] OMG Gary WTF ouch...That better be fruit punch on the floor!
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Post by wolf4life »

when i get the munchies i make

a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich,
Doritos, the big bag! :P,
Some left over meat if there is any,
Some steak,
A large, tall, glass of milk,
a banana or two,
some cookies,
and possibly some ice cream after :P

And then im hungry again about 3 hours later
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