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Guitarplayers Topic

Post by Morkulv » Fri May 14, 2010 4:18 pm

I can't seem to find a topic specific about guitarplaying, so here it goes. :D

I've been playing guitar since I was 8, starting out with learning acoustic guitar. Later when my taste in music changed I started to learn electric guitar, and after a few years I quit taking lessons because I didn't have much time for it anymore. Since then I have put guitarplaying aside for 2 years or something to focuss on other stuff (mainly school), and after that I picked it up again. I'm playing in my third band right now (the first band wanted a different guitarplayer and the second project dissolved), and its going quite well. We don't really have a drummer or singer yet, but instrumentally its going good and we are making progress. We are also covering two Metallica-songs, Seek and Destroy and Ride the Lightning.


I own several guitars, but my main-guitar is a black BC Rich Beast. I also have a Squier Stratocaster which is the electric guitar I started out with, two acoustic guitars and one bassguitar which I don't know the brand of.

What is your experience, and your current set-up? Are you still following lessons? Share it here! :whistle:

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