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This is the place for discussion and voting on various aspects of werewolf life, social ideas, physical appearance, etc. Also a place to vote on how a werewolf should look.
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Forum Guidelines

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The forum guidelines
1. No swearing
This one should be quite obvious. None of us want to read non-stop cussing. Besides, we have young members here as well keep in mind. If you continue to swear, you will be notified with a warning. If it still persists, it will result in a temporary ban or more.

2. No explicit content
We're here about werewolves, not explicit content that makes our minds rot.

3. No Spam
Spam constitutes as a post that serves no purpose to the specified topic. If that isn't simple enough, please read the definition of spam.

3.1 Stay on topic
When someone writes a topic asking for help on a situation, you shouldn't go off topic. Such as person asking for critique on their artwork, while two other people talk back and forth about someone's foot fungus problem in the same topic.

3.2 No flaming
"Flaming" means when users are arguing or fighting between each other. Another example is taunting a person, or trying to make them look stupid. For a further understanding of flaming you may view the definition on flaming.

4. Don't double post...
You really don't need to post twice in a row in the same topic. There's a button called 'edit' in the bottom left of your post so that you can edit it. If the last post was more than a half day old and your adding something that requires attention, then you may double post.

5. Post in pre-existing topics.
Check the older posts for the subject you want to post to. Don't start a new thread if one already exists. We have pages and pages of old posts and try searching them first before making a new or duplicate thread.

6. Don't discuss illegal actions
This would constitute as anything that goes against the law. Even discussion relating to illegal drugs will either be edited or deleted.

7. No vandalism, hacking, DDoS, or anything of destructive nature
Don't hack into, vandalize, gain unauthorized access to, nor mess with: the server, other user's accounts, system resources (such as DDoS), files, databases, and other services. Such actions will at minimum result in: instant banning and being reported to your Internet Service Provider, which would most likely result in the loss of your internet service and maybe even a criminal offense.

Last of all
Respect the users and the website. These guidelines were made to explain that we want an orderly forum. The forum is a resource for all of us to learn from and make friends, not to flame other members nor to be inappropriate/immature.

The last rule is - posting. We provided this service so that you can learn, have fun, and make friends. Don't feel left out at all, just join on in the top discussions. And don't be shy, if you think it's a kind of a common sense question, still ask. Again and again I've explained that this forum is for YOU. We're all here to share knowledge and talk about werewolves, wolves, and so much more.

For suggesting changes or asking questions, feel free to discuss in this thread: ... f=8&t=7377
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