Looking for a 'certain' type of forum(s)...

Commissions offers, art for sale, auctions, etc.
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Looking for a 'certain' type of forum(s)...

Post by Baphnedia »

I'm going back to grass-roots internet promotion (I have very little to show for almost one million page views thus far). What I'd like to do is post news and updates (plug) my site as it hits new benchmarks, etc - and I'm looking for sites through which I can do that - be it that they allow it in their rules, or have a dedicated classifieds section.

Since any replies will be doubtlessly be plugging various sites, this is about the most appropriate place to put this.
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Re: Looking for a 'certain' type of forum(s)...

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Wow, fifteen years later and that Towel Day link still works. This might not be on topic but I had no idea there was such a thing, and I love that movie, I have that movie :P
Just gonna have to catch it next year.

Lol, necropost
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