Once upon a time...

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Re: Once upon a time...

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I trudged along after this human hunter, still absorbed in my own thoughts about my twin brother, Laminar, until the human spoke and I couldn't help but to pipe in. "Oh please, never claimed to be a hunter. Guess you take us all for fools then? Hunter. Agent. Either points a gun at me and they're both the same. D-E-A-D. Dead." I huffed, my aloof demeanor suddenly gone like morning dew at high noon, and leaned against a nearby tree to continue listening. The girl agreed to Sarence's plan and I almost rolled my eyes. That naivety was why there were so few of us left. I tsked and surged away from the tree, seemingly about to attack but I turned my back to you all instead. The scales were littered with scars, some of them from blades, others from guns, and even a couple claw marks as well. "This is what you get when you believe a human... When you let them sweet talk you. I've shed my skin a dozen times and more but these scars are ever present." I turned back to look at Sarence, my eyes never leaving his. "You call us monster, Agent. And yet you drive us from our homes, hunt us relentlessly, kill our families.. And for what? Reputation? Trophies? Does it make you sleep better at night knowing you've rid the world of another monster?" I smiled grimly and continued. "But then again... Maybe I am your precious monster. My brother and I have killed dozens of hunters that sought marks in these woods. This is our home, we hold dominion in these trees and we protect them. I should very well have shot you with your own gun then but no, I will let you live. Laminar and I will rid our home of the one that seeks us and let your agent have you. We will have what remains." I went back to my tree, leaned against it and waited quietly for whatever may come. Will the human pull his gun? Let him. Will he try to talk me down? Most likely. But still, I was fairly intrigued by what may come and so I spoke once more. "But for the time being, I will accompany you. Its not often that you see humans hunting their own. It will be interesting to see what you think of it."
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