Would like some anwsers

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Would like some anwsers

Post by Midnightstar111 » Wed Mar 28, 2018 7:22 pm

Alright I am not sure where else to express my strange experiences in hopes of answers and maybe that one person could help, and give insight on my experiences. My very ancient family I come from tells me the existence of werewolves is impossible even shapeshifters. I would like to believe them..when you have knowledge of thousands of years you seem to know what you are talking about. My experiences tell me otherwise and I am left quite confused. I will begin from the beginning and work my way to present day.
When I was a child around 13 years old I would often see a black wolf around me
It was getting to the point where my mother was seeing this wolf around me. It scared her. It disappeared for awhile and came back a year later..then disappeared again. When I was 17 I was home alone.. I went to go to sleep and I saw this 7 foot wolf like creature standing in my doorway. It scared me so bad because I never saw anything like it. I saw it two nights in a row. When I was 18 the big wolf appeared again and followed me everywhere. Figured it was a spirit animal and still do to this day, but still find it werid. Even psychics see it next to me and it feels like it protects me..fast forward to years later to now. This past few weeks have started to get very creepy. I will start with my first dream. This wolf was speaking to me telepathically. It was telling me all of this secret knowledge that of course I cannot remember when I wake up. Found the dream odd days later which was a few weeks again this dream freaked me out. In the dream I was in a house in Alaska. I saw the wolf like creature in th3 edge of the woods by the house. Except it looked like the creature I saw when I was 17 not the black wolf. It telepathically said to me it was coming for me in 3 days. In the dream I was very scared. I Even remember it's voice It wasn't quite a man's it was the strangest voice I've ever heard. It said to me " do not be afraid. I will not hurt you, you are the only one who understand me." That was the end of the dream. A few days later I was taking a bath and I was thinking about these strange set of dreams. I then see this big black orb fly across the mirror it started me. Then I heard this voice it said to me " walk with us do not be afraid ". This was a few weeks ago and I am still freaked out and cannot find an explanation from anyone or anywhere. I need anwsers, or if something is trying to contact me and speak to me I want to speak to it. I just came across a dream I had two years ago I wrote down and forgot about that I will also share. In the dream there was big black wolf that was about to either attack or kill.me I was shooting at it and it didn't even phase it, it then shapeshifted back into a man and kept walking towards me. I asked it if it was the devil and it laughed and said no but that he was just like him.
I would like some insight because I am.not crazy and some dreams I see the man so crystal clear.
Thank you.

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Re: Would like some anwsers

Post by Uniform Two Six » Sat Mar 31, 2018 6:46 am

Well, I'm afraid I'm the bearer of bad news.

This site is focused on the werewolf in popular fiction (primarily film). I'd recommend doing a search on "Therian". That might get you a better result.

Question: What do you mean by "very ancient family"? Isn't everyone's family lineage equally ancient? :?

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Re: Would like some anwsers

Post by Meeper » Sun Apr 01, 2018 2:07 am

Depends how you define family. If I'm not mistaken, traditions and honours are a way other than names and blood relations to keep a familial lineage going. Kind of a pity there's unscrupulous people who adopt a tradition/honours based family for the sake of being cool or different, or worse, as a crutch (and don't get me started on the ones who make things up).

Anyway, I see no reason why such things can't be discussed on this forum, so long as it's more about exploring historical and conceptual stuff (since there is real world stuff that fiction draws upon which is every bit as valid a subject matter), rather than being a digital therian advice column.

Unfortunately in this case the brains for this sort of things have emigrated to other internet locations. Your best bet is to seek out a therian community.

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