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Hello everyone,

You can call me Kat, never been into the whole name thing. Im not a werewolf. You may ask why i am here? I grew up in a very abusive foster home. The boy with no name saved me.

i could feel a pull towards him. He was about 19 and i was 7 at the time. He was the one who got me out...he saved my life right before my abusive mother set the house on fire...i was astonished like any girl would be and asked what are you as he seemed very "different"
He told me then and dashed off.

I owe my life to him. So i owe my life to his kin. My life has been ever so empty since. With the wolfs i feel is where i belong.

My dream is now that im older one day we can meet again and I give him all my thanks.

Im open to any questions as i know there might be some even a little fear. ( i respect if you dont want me here)

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